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May 6, 2003 11:33 AM

best place for a $100 dinner for 2 downtown Montreal

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If you had $100-120 total to spend for dinner in downtown Montreal, where would you go? Let's say $100 includes tax/tip, and 1 glass of wine. Criteria: great food value for money (not necessarily a huge portion, but enough so that you walk away 'full' and satisfied, yet the food was way above average), atmosphere important #2 after the food. Any type of cuisine.


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      1. re: remdog

        Chez Queux
        Restaurant Le Boulingueur

        Going with the table de l'hôtel and ordering wine by the glass can also get you into higher end restaurants if you look at the menu’s outside. La Maree would be an excellent choice. You will hit the upper end of your budget but the food is worth every penny IMHO.