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suggestions for Yountville and surroundings

Going to be visiting Yountville area in a few weeks and would love some recommendations for dinner. We are not going to French Laundry due to can't afford it and won't appreciate it. Hubby is a meat/potatoes/pasta kind of guy, but willing to go along with finer food if it is tasty or plentiful. I am curious about the Thomas Keller experience. We happily consume all types of ethnic food also. $$-$$$ would be ok. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. In Yountville you might consider Bistro Jeanty for traditional French, generous portions!


    I like the tacos at...it's a Mexican market in Rutherford. La Luna. But it's a market, not a restaurant.


    I have enjoyed Redd in Yountville too, but I'm not sure your husband would appreciate it.

      1. Thank you both very much! Redd seems to be a popular choice, will check that out.

        1. How bout Ad Hoc, another of Thomas Keller's places at a reasonable cost and servings sizes that will please the biggest of appetites !!!

          1. Thank you too, luv2putt! Will check that out.

            1. Ad Hoc, especially for fried chicken night.
              Bistro Jeanty for tomato soup with puff pastry dome, smoked trout salad, cassoulet, mussels in red wine, tarte tatin, steak tartare http://www.bistrojeanty.com/home/bist...
              Redd -- worth it
              Redd Wood, pizzas, pastas and short ribs
              Burgers at Pacific Blues
              Ciccio for Italian dishes, pastas, pizzas, pork shoulder http://www.ciccionapavalley.com/menu
              Bouchon, but sit only at the bar. Love the mussels and French fries, raw bar, pate de campagne, roast chicken, etc.

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                But please venture north from Yountville to St. Helena, and south to the city of Napa for lunch and dinner options also. Either direction is an easy drive, just straight up or down Highway 29 from Yountville.

              2. Redd Wood - pastas (particularly the amatriciana) are very good

                Goose & Gander (St. Helena) - one of the best burgers I've had and creative cocktails

                1. Some good recommendations here:

                  Napa Valley: Still a star for wine and food

                  1. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help. Will definitely bring my looser clothing on this trip.

                    1. - I second Ad Hoc and would add that Bouchon is also in Yountville for the Keller experience.
                      - Redd Wood is a great (new, for me) find. They had a brussel sprout and burrata salad that was delicious.
                      - I liked Bistro Jeanty, but was kind of disappointed the last time I went (in December).