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Mar 30, 2014 12:18 PM

how is rum cream compared to baileys irish cream?

was lookin for somethin different to try,i like puttin baileys in coffee but would something like cruzan rum cream or wray and nephew's(i was actually lookin for there overproof rum once but i never could find it) rum cream be any good

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  1. RumChata is very popular, made with rich dairy cream. El Dorado rum cream from Guyana, in addition to Cruzan from US Virgin Islands are good brand choices. Sangster's from Jamaica is excellent if you can find it. Ponche Kuba from Barbados is a delightful age old recipe. Crisma from Barbados is one of the vey best. The Marigot Bay flavored rum creams from St. Lucia are known for their tropical flavors.

    These rum creams are excellent in coffee, on ice cream and used in cocktails for a rich dairy component.

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      Thanks for the suggestions Robert.