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Asian dinner for 6, 20-somethings in Manhattan/Brooklyn

Any suggestions for an asian resto (either chinese, japanese, thai, vietnamese, malaysian) for 6 people in their 20s on a saturday night. Reasonable, good for sharing and fun atmosphere. Maybe even takes resos if I'm being optimistic...

Considering Fatty Crab but have read mixed reviews.
Also, is Joe's Shanghai ok vibe in evenings? or just dim sum brunch...

Been to Pok Pok, was very impressed. Something similar to that would be great!

Thx in advance.

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  1. Not sure your price point.

    Hi: Buddakan. Fusion style, food/services are good. Nice crowd. Turns club-ish after 9pm; right in meatpacking.

    Mid-Low: Pig & Khao, it's Filipino, and they have outdoor seating if weather is nice. Fun LES location, there are plenty bars/club/lounge to go afterwards.

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      Thanks so much! I just got a spot at Pig and Khao. Appreciate the help

        1. re: anythingasian

          +1 for Uncle Boons!
          Awesome food, cool place, great neighborhood for drinks before or after. Not as "touristy" as Buddakan or Kittichai.

          In terms of "fun" atmosphere, I would recommend the following:

          Somtum Der
          Larb Ubol

          Bun-ker - amazing but in the middle of nowhere.

          Hakata Tonton

          Fatty Crab - still good IMO

          Fatty Cue

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            Space is tight at Bun-ker too, and the wait can be pretty long for a table. Might be iffy for a group of 6 considering once they get there, they're committed, there's nothing else close by.

            1. re: Pookipichu

              yeah, you're right - it would only really work if you go early - like 6 ish.
              but, on the positive side - the food is AMAZING and afterwards, you can uber or hail it williamsburg or greenpoint for drinks...

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              Thank you @monab - so many great suggestions. I am looking into booking uncle Boons, they only take resos 2 weeks in advance. Somtum Der looks delish as well. :)

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            I like Uncle Boon's too but I am not sure it is good for a group of 6. Space it is a bit tight.

            1. re: nomadmanhattan

              you can reserve for 6 people, so i assume they can accommodate that many.
              there's some pretty nice booths at the back...

          3. I really dislike Joe's Shanghai, I think their entrees are appallingly bad. If you want dim sum, and a buzzy atmosphere, Hakkasan is the best choice but may be over depending on what your budget is.

            Buddakan also has a really beautiful space and is very buzzy, the food, on the whole is pretty good with just a few clunkers. Food is pretty reasonable but the dishes add up.

            Have you considered Queens instead of BK? Many great Thai and Chinese restaurants and much less expensive than Manhattan.

            1. I strongly recommend Kittichai (Thai fusion) in SoHo. It's a nice looking place and the food is good. Great bar also, in the Thompson Hotel. It's much better atmosphere and bigger than any of the ones you mentioned.

              I also second Nomadmanhattan's suggestions on
              Buddakan ( big and "special" in a sense), food is good and fairly reasonable.
              Pig and Khao has good Filipino, Thai and Vietnamese food and I like the place a lot, ( loud music, good vibes)

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                Thank you very for all of your help! We have a lot of options now! :)

              2. Have you been to Momofuku Ssam Bar?

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                1. I enthusiastically recommend Larb Ubol for Thai.

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                    Menu looks great - thanks, a little bit out of the area I am staying in though ... :(

                    1. re: guanubian

                      I like the food at Larb Ubol a lot - especially good for all of the W 42nd Street theaters. I don't think of it as being at all buzzy. Am i going too early (mostly pre-theater)?

                      in response to foodwhisperer, I was very disappointed in Kittichai. The food had no particular kick. I am always amazed that the food at Buddakan is as good as it is for a place like that. Comparing Buddakan and Pig and Khao seems odd - very apples and oranges.

                      1. re: JC2

                        I'm not sure if there's really a time to avoid, or for that matter an ideal time to go. The place isn't huge, but I've never had to wait, and I've showed up during prime time on a Friday evening. If the stakes are high, call ahead.