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May 5, 2003 08:43 PM

Restaurant advice in Montreal

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I'll be taking my niece to Montreal at the end of May for her college graduation trip and was needing some ideas for meals. We have enough time for 4 sit down meals(lunch or dinner). We are staying by the convention center and I would like to walk to and from the restaurant. I would like to go to one really nice, somewhat high dollar(?) place and a few moderate/low price. Some of the restaurants I have read about and thinking about are La Chronique, Le Passe Partout, Faros, Le Paris, Le Bourlingueur, and Les Halles. Any comments, ideas, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This is our first trip to Montreal.
Also, any suggestions for a quick bite to eat between site-seeing would be appreciated.

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  1. Seeing that it is a special event, I would recommend La Maree. The other places you listed are great also.

    1. Of what you listed La Chronique an Passe PArtout are easily the best and are both excellent. Les Halles can be good for classic french. Faros is good, but for a little more money (could be a lot more depending on what you order) Milos is noticeably better. Toque is still the best meal in the city if that's what you're looking for.