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Mar 30, 2014 10:39 AM

May weekend in Paris - researched.

I haven't posted on this board for awhile but read it religiously. We are finally getting back to Paris for a weekend after a 2 year drought. Staying in the 8th, distance to travel for food and price not issues. Husband is a fish guy and edgy side of the menu. I am more traditional and prefer meats. We have previously enjoyed among others CLAJ, Maceo, Hiramatsu, Guy Savoy, Dominique Bouchet, L'Arome , Willi's, Le Verre Vole , everything Constant ,Hated ETC ( don't know if it still exists , was vile ) and Apicus ( a really bad night) We would like to explore new choices and unfortunately don't have a lot of time to do so.
Parameters are :
Reservations taken
Terrace dining would be lovely as we don't get to Paris often in the spring
Modern or traditional French preferred tho exception made for remarkable Asian
No price limit but likely one star if any star max for meals needed
Prefer more quiet atmosphere and not rowdy
Don't really care what language anyone speaks as long as they expect great food
Schedule this far:
Arrival Friday and need reservation around 9pm have had Terroir Parisien , Cauis and Pramil on my radar. No idea why but they caught my eye. Think of them as Au Bon Accuiel back in the day when it was special. That's what we are looking for.
Saturday have decided on terrace lunch at Les Climats. Need rec for good wine bar with food for light meal around 9pm Saturday.
Sunday traveling to Auxerre during day to visit ailing friend and have reserved Les Tablettes JLM for a final and most elegant dinner.
Monday back to Boston
So it boils down to a special bistrot Friday night and a great wine bar Saturday night
Appreciate your advice in advance. Thank you.

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  1. OK:
    So here are my tops for this summer-like spring:
    Here are my top ten with grades (rated 0-10):
    7.6 BAT
    7.4 Sur le fil
    7.3 La Maison de l'Amerique Latin
    7.2 Bon Georges
    7.1 L'Envie du Jour
    7.0 La Table de Cybele
    6.9 La Faille
    6.4 L'Auberge du Roi
    6.3 Hai Kai
    6.2 L'Atelier Ramey & Saut du Crapaud tied

    1. And another that Dr. T recommended at an earlier date and that we heartily enjoyed last week-Bistrot Belhara . With the added plus of ' no English speakers here' :)

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        "And another that Dr. T recommended at an earlier date and that we heartily enjoyed last week-Bistrot Belhara ."
        Coincidence: Colette on her quarterly visit here came across a business card for the Belhara and I realized I hadn't been back. So pammi, thanks, it's on the schedule for next week,.

        1. re: John Talbott

          On your revisit I hope you will find it as pleasurable as we did. Solid,solid food in a convivial warm setting. One of those places that make you happy but without any flash..thank you again.

      2. A good spot for small plates and wine or cocktails is Le Mary Celeste in the haut Marais. You can also reserve a table online. The food is delicious with an some Asian influence. They also have oysters offered part of the year.

        1. Caius in the 17th would be my vote for Friday dinner... especially since it's already on your short-list and easy enough to reach from most parts of the 8th.

          Light dinner at a bar à vins on a Saturday night is not as easy as you think. Sooooo crowded ! And you can never be sure of a quiet atmosphere wherever you go. Certainly the 8th doesn't often feature in my Saturday circuit but, for sheer convenience, maybe le Boudoir on the rue Colisée (but on my last visit they seemed to be moving away from the small-plates formula that they began with). Or Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais... flexible menu so you can eat as much or as little as you like. If you are willing to make it to the 3rd, Mary Celeste on the rue Commines or Le Barav on the rue Charles-François Dupuis.

          1. Thanks everyone. We have asked our concierge to try for Caius Friday and to choose for us for our late Saturday meal. I understand that Le Jardin Gourmand is an excellent Restaurant in Auxerre. If our friend is well enough we may try to take her for lunch. Any experience there?

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              We found it good to excellent our last visit which was admittedly a couple of years back, so not so recent.