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Mar 30, 2014 09:30 AM

Hunting for Kabocha Squash in Mount Pleasant SC

I recently moved to Mt Pleasant in the Charleston area, and am on the hunt for Kabocha squash. I have attached a photo of it because I did buy it once here and it had a different name in the store. Now I cannot relocate it...visited Bi Low, Harris Teeter and Publix. Maybe some stores in a chain carry it but not others. Any suggestions are appreciated, especially if you've seen it in the store. Thanks!

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  1. I guess I'd try "Whole Paycheck". In early winter Boone Hall Farms still had nice winter squash and at a very good price.

    1. I find it hard to find after autumn...

      1. Thanks for responding. I think it was Publix or Teeters somewhere that I found it. Not Whole Paycheck :)

        1. I have definitely bought it at Whole Foods. I think I may have seen it at Publix during the holidays.

          What are you making?

          1. I found the squash at Publix on Johnnie Dodds yesterday - it was called Buttercup Squash but it looks the same to me. It's a wonderful meaty, dense and flavorful squash, and I use it as a base (in lieu of pasta) for meat/red sauce, curries of all kinds and anything that has a sauce basically. This way we get another vegetable and avoid the pasta. It's so delicious.