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Mar 30, 2014 07:02 AM

Qui Reservation system sucks

Trying to plan a dinner and their system is impossible. They have people that answer the one at the restaurant but you can't get a reservation through them. Instead you must send an email, and it takes two days or more for a reply. An exchange that could take 2 minutes on the pone has now taken a week and I still don't know if I'll get a table. I know the place is supposed to be good but how will it fair after the hype dies down if they continue treating people that this way? I can't imagine the benefits of a system like this. Why have reservations at all?

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  1. There is a website called Whisper Number that supposedly offers an inside look at the best Wall Street earnings estimates. The Whisper Number on Qui: save your money. I haven't been so have no personal opinion.

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    1. re: Andrew Zachary

      Just to be clear: my earlier post has nothing to do with stocks, Wall Street, or finance.

      I wanted to make the point that the inside scoop on Qui was that it isn't worth the price. There are better choices for your hard-earned money.

      1. re: Andrew Zachary

        Qui's prices are not really out of line... you speak of the "inside scoop" as if a few people have been able to get into the door of the place.... It is Verrrrryyyy easy to in... with walk ins being accepted and reservations being taken on Mondays if you have need for a specail occasion they have closed the entire restraunt to make it happen... I have never had problem getting a table. And I rather spend my money on crafted food then the same amount on product that comes from a box in the freezer.

        1. re: girloftheworld

          Not sure I see your point.

          I'm passing along other people's opinions about the cooking, not about the reservation system. I've not eaten at Qui, so cannot offer a personal observation about either one.

          1. re: Andrew Zachary

            i love paul and his cooking. i think he's a great public face for austin's burgeoning food scene and the vast majority of the meals i've had that he's been responsible for have been above average and at times extraordinary.

            That said, the fanboy types can make it impossible to have an honest discussion about anything he's involved with. luckily, he's his own harshest critic and for that we all benefit.

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              "the fanboy types can make it impossible to have an honest discussion about anything he's involved with"

              LOL----hey! though you said Fanboy and not fangirl...i may resemble that remark slightly....and I am honest in my appraisels... I will even admit I dont like the cheddar icecream...

            2. re: Andrew Zachary

              "so cannot offer a personal observation about either one."

              Oh my posts are about my personal experinces not "gossip or whispers" or whatever your reading has to offer to the table.

      2. i'm sure they'll change the reservation policy after the hype dies down. i've been two or three times and it was ok, but wasn't as special as I was hoping.

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        1. re: chrisdds98

          It's a celebration dinner it was either this place or Uchiko. Neither choice was mine. I'd rather go to the Carillion or Flemings .
          What was disappointing about?

        2. Recently, I had reservations at 9:00PM on a Monday night. Needless to say, we had to wait for a little bit.

          Overall, the food was creative and tasted good, but I preferred Uchi/Uchiko and Barley Swine for the price point. Desserts were probably the best things we tried, both the ice cream sandwich and halo halo.

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          1. re: cocobinga

            Why did you have to wait if you had a reservation ?

            1. re: Rptrane

              sometimes people have to wait if they have a reservation ...the people before wont turn the table.. they linger...especially the later in the night...

          2. back to the point of this post, i agree. the reservation system leaves much to be desired. it is not unusual for them to take several days to respond to a rez request- which just isn't helpful.

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            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              If it was my choice I wouldn't have gone but it wasn't..
              I have to say though I really enjoyed the meal. We ordered ala carte rather than do the tasting. In retrospect as cute as they were the sashimi and veggie plates weren't really necessary or worth the cost. My fish toast tasted good but the bread kinda fell apart quickly and I almost lost some of my fish. When you are dealing with modest portions like these you kind of covet every bit that they do give you.
              The highlights, the beef rice, braised short rib and rabbit, although not 5 ways or 7 ways apparently there's a shortage of available rabbit. The cheddar cheese ice scream sandwich was interesting but not what I like about ice cream sandwiches. I probably would have enjoyed eating it more if it was served as cone, which the shell is. the best part of eating a cone is when the ice cream has begun to seep into it.. The structure of the dish doesn't allow that.
              I'd go back but only for a snack.
              I'm not much of a drinker but the Sangria was the best I or my companion ever had. Summer in a glass.