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Mar 29, 2014 11:14 PM

beef from kualoa ranch

went hiking there today, heard they sell their grass fed beef directly to customers if they pick it up. saw a lot of cows on the hike, they weren't in stalls or small pastures, they were all over ka'a'awa valley, even right in the areas used for movies like godzilla, you me and dupree, etc. and a lot of cow shit all over, even the mountainous areas. does that make them free range?

bought some chuck @ 4.29/lb, cheaper than the usual steak for stir fry i get from the grocery store, which is 5.99-6.99/lb. i'm not sure what cut of meat the stir fry beef made from, but there was more marbling in the chuck, though not a huge amount, it was just right. there was not a huge amount of fat to cut off, hardly any, actually.

cut the sucker into cubes and strips, seasoned w/salt, pepper, chili flakes, chopped garlic, threw into sizzling pan w/a little olive oil for 30 sec while stirring, and... heaven. next time i'll use much less garlic, the flavor of the beef doesn't need a competitor. i'm salivating.

highly recommend. i will be ordering from their website or stopping by whenever i'm on the windward side for beach/hike.

prices are about equal to the supermarket at regular price, at least for the cuts i was looking at.

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  1. Buying it directly from the ranch cuts out all the middlemen and other stops between the ranch and the supermarket. At that price, it sounds like a win-win situation.

    1. If the cows are not confined in small stalls and fed kibbles, and they are roaming free and grass fed, they are considered free range. Can also find some beef in selected farmers markets. They taste much better than supermarket bought and not as fatty.

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        do you have a fave recipe/preparation for this type of beef?

        1. re: indelibledotink

          I cook them just like any other beef. It just tastes so much better. We like to buy beef tongue, which is smaller than the hormone-induced beef tongue and it is really delicious; boil until soft, clean and rub with spices, then grill or broil.

          1. re: roro808

            is the beef you are referring to from kualoa, or just general, local, grass fed beef? and the tongue?

            which farmers markets do you frequent and find the meat?