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Mar 29, 2014 10:38 PM

Heading to Ottawa

Next weekend my family and I are heading to Ottawa to pick up some beer, and watch my daughter in a synchro competition. We will be there from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

Where should we eat dinner, must be kid appropriate please. My children are amazing and act like adults, but it's not fair to bring them to an adult restaurant. So ideas, kid friendly, should be from scratch food as much as possible, not screaming loud, not BBQ (for the love of god, please no BBQ)..

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  1. Some pretty decent restaurants there, but for a family I'd go with the Vittoria Trattoria at the Byward Market location. Excellent Italian dishes and pasta/pizza for the kids. Big bonus is you can stroll a very good market prior to noshing. And no, pulled-pork rizzoto is not on their menu.

    1. For a really cool breakfast try Art Is In Bakery ( 250 City Centre Ave #112, Ottawa). Really great place with awesome food and definitely kid friendly.

      Murray Street is a great restaurant but I cannot comment on the kid-friendly part - perhaps if you eat early it might be okay.

      1. With kids... Zac's diner in the byward market if it's still around.

        1. Zak's Diner is still around and definitely kid appropriate. Across the street is Tuckers Marketplace with an all you can eat brunch buffet including ice cream bar which is a real hit with the kids. Neither are from scratch but they might be good back up places if you can't find anywhere else to go.

          Also in the Byward Market area is Ahora (Mexican food) where everything is made from scratch and is fresh and delicious. If you like pizza I could recommend The Grand - they make thin crust pizzas and everything is made in house - dough, sauce, the works, and is super tasty.

          Going down Elgin I could recommend Pancho Villa, also Mexican, and very good. There is a new place across the street called El Camino which is probably my favourite place on Elgin but very loud. Just off Elgin on Somerset is East India Company. Their most popular attraction is the all you can eat buffet and their food is very good.

          If you don't mind heading over to Metcalfe Street (a block over from Elgin) I could recommend The Colonnade. It is also a pizza place which specializes in thick crust pizzas topped with lots of cheese. Not sure about the rest of the food but their pizzas are solid, it's quiet, and kid appropriate.

          Have a nice trip!

          1. Don't miss the Golden Palace, for a taste of the world's BEST eggroll