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Mar 29, 2014 10:12 PM

Kosher for Passover Greek Yogurt

Can anyone recommend any Kosher for Passover Greek yogurt brands? Fat-free preferably? If not, any kosher for p yogurt brands you like in particular?

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  1. I don't know of any Greek-style brands that will be KFP. I'm fond of Dannon in general, I like Axelrod for savory things because it has more tang.

    1. There was one brand last year that was cy and KFP. I domt remember the brand but I think it was Normans. Tasted like paste and was $$$$$$. This year I'm going for Dannon

      1. Isn't Greek yogurt just basically strained, thicker yogurt? (That's what I got from the Wikipedia entry on Greek yogurt, anyway.) If so, why don't you just strain it yourself through cheesecloth? Leave it overnight to really thicken it up. (When I learned in Israel--back when dinosaurs roamed the earth--and there was no cream cheese available to purchase, we used to strain some sort of dairy product through tichels (unworn ones) to make a cream cheese of sorts. Worked pretty well, actually.)

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          Pretty much. I find that strained regular yogurt has a slightly different taste than Greek yogurt

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            Strained yogurt doesn't taste exactly like Greek yogurt, but it is delicious, and you get to control exactly how thick it is based on how long you let it sit. The flavorings in the KforP Jewish-brand yogurts can often taste odd, so I would strain plain yogurt and add my own fruit, jam, honey, etc.

          2. Thanks for all your help! Will try the Dannon.

            1. I believe I read that Dannon yogurt will not be KFP this year. That would leave Mehadrin and Norman's as the 2 choices. Considering what others say about Norman's, I'd try Mehadrin.

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                Re: Dannon . . . some flavors are listed as KFP on page 75 of the OU Passover

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                  I just looked up on the OU website, and they list Vanilla, Coffee, Plain, Plain Nonfat, and Plain Lowfat.

                  LaYogurt was KFP last year. Don't know about this year, though.

                  1. re: tractarian

                    According to the OU's Guide (page 76), La Yogurt flavors blueberry, cherry, plain and strawberry will be KFP with proper designation.

                    1. re: sharonfl

                      Stop and shop had the la yogurts advertised as KFP. But they were nowhere to be found (Brooklyn store)

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                        I got mine last year at Brach's. But with no more car, I have no way of getting out there :( Would ShopRite in Brooklyn have them?

                        1. re: tractarian

                          Probably. I don't really care for the la yogurt texture, but my 3yo likes them. Hopefully shoprite has the Dannon and la yogurt. They're on my list for next week!

                          1. re: tractarian

                            There are a few flavors of Shoprite yogurt that are KFP this year, although I saw them in a non-Shoprite store that gets in products from many sources, so I don't know that they're in the Shoprite stores themselves right now. They have special packaging that says KFP right on the cup, rather than on the date code.

                            1. re: hbg1

                              Good to know.
                              Last year, shoprite didn't designate a separate area for KFP dairy. There was the usual showcase of CY brands, but all the other items were just mixed in. It was a zoo and I couldn't find anything. This year, they redesigned the entire dairy section...hopefully it will be better