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Mar 29, 2014 08:47 PM

2 days in Philadelphia with a 10 year old - suggestions please?

We will be in Philly for 2 days with our 10 year old son, and we would love some recommendations. We do not want to dress up or go fancy but love good food (mostly American cuisine). I plan to get a cheesesteak at Jim's on South, but need suggestions for other meals. We will mostly be in the historic area.

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  1. Check out Reading Terminal Market...there are lots of options there.

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    1. re: UncleMorty

      I will definitely be going there! Thank you!

    2. I am sorry to hear you are going to Jim's... He might enjoy Brauhuas Schmidtz on South street for German food, and also close by is a great museum called Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.

      Your son might enjoy walking around the Italian Market. I second the Reading Termnal Market.

      I would add Chinatown which is very close to the Reading Terminal. There are places where you can see people making hand drawn noodles, or other places where you can select your own fish out of a tank to eat.

      For ice cream Franklin Fountain is a fun place for children.

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        LOL about Jim's. we are going there for reasons other than food quality. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have been dying to try Reading Terminal Market. I will check out the others too!

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          Jim's is kind of a tradition. Not the steak it once was, but a good Philly scene (lots of pics on the wall) and still a better steak than you might find at some places. The Market is a must...

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            That's exactly it. I used to go there years ago when I lived in Hershey. I love South Street and loved Jim's at the time. I just want to take my son there. Just because. It doesn't matter if they aren't the best.

      2. Try to get to Reading Terminal Market on a day between Wednesday and Saturday. The Amish don't get there on Sundays, though the market is still lively and interesting.

        Sunday morning is a good time for the Italian market, which is walking distance.

        For an actual dinner - or lunch - Parc, a French bistro on 18th Street at Rittenhouse Square, is a fun place. Our granddaughters loved it there. You can see the menu online. It is not in the historic district, but you may get over that way.

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          All of the PA Dutch stands, with the exception of Kauffman's Produce and the Rib Stand, are now open on Tuesdays. A few of the stands are even open Mondays.