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Mar 29, 2014 07:02 PM

CH Meetup Report on Momo's Nepalese in Springfield

This evening seven chowhounds met for a meal at Momo's.

They have a standard generic North Indian restaurant (Punjabi) type menu, plus a small offering of Nepalese dishes, including three varieties of momos. We tried all of the Nepalese dishes, plus a goat curry from the Indian menu.

The goat curry was quite good. It had a dark onion-tomato gravy.

From the Nepalese selection we had:

Lamb choila, which was small lamb cubes cooked in a dry tomato onion preparation. It was pretty good.

Taash: dry masala lamb cubes. This was really delicious as the cubes were very tender and had a lot of flavor.

Both of these dishes were served with a portion of beaten rice (chiura) and a fried spiced soy nut preparation (bhatmaas ko achaar). The soy nuts were very hard, but were seasoned well. This is meant to be a side accompaniment to the food. The chiura is just plain beaten rice flakes and I think it was a bit too exotic for everyone to have this with our food, as we were used to chiura prepared in other ways or used to these sorts of dishes served with flat bread or steamed rice. This is not a photo of our meal, but I found this on Instagram to show what the fried soy nuts and chiura/beaten rice look like:

Momos: dumplings. We ordered steamed chicken, steamed vegetable, and fried chicken momos. Each order contained quite a lot of momos. (I forgot to count, but maybe 10 pieces?), plus a chile-tomato achaar and a sesame achaar (dipping sauces). The momos were really, really good. If you are a momo fan, you will like this place. The wrappers are made onsite, and the momos are steamed fresh to order. Nothing beats a piping hot freshly steamed momo. I liked the steamed chicken momo the best out of the three types we tried. It comes filled with tender, juicy chicken stuffing...if they aren't fresh then the wrapper absorbs the juices so you lose out. These were everything that a momo should be.

We also tried the chicken fried rice and chowmein. These are popular dishes in Nepal, and were made in that style. The noodles were pretty decent, especially if you like Indian-Chinese style chowmein, but there was nothing interesting about the fried rice.

I would go back just for the momos if ever I were in the mood. Again, cheers to Steve for arranging the meetup.

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  1. This was quite a successful meal, and the Nepalese part of the menu is distinctive. Everything was good!

    Very well executed momos with juicy filling. Steamed is the way to go here.

    Both lamb dishes quite good with the dry taash having a bright spicy flavor and extra crispy meat.

    The chow mein and the fried rice were better versions than I have had from other Indo-Chinese menus around town. Mostly I have run into these items as bad Chinese food, but here you could really tell the dishes have a different sensibility. The noodles were very spicy with a lovely fragrance. The rice had a nice peppery kick.

    Now for the sides: the flattened rice which comes on the side is something I've purchased in markets. Not for one second did I think anyone would serve this uncooked, and it made no sense to me. The other side was exotic and completely new to me: the soy seeds were crunchy, halfway to eating unpopped popcorn. Much crunchier than Peruvian cancha, if that's a helpful clue. You could hear people eating this across the table. I liked the way these were spiced, and they were fun to eat.

    The dishes here are cheap, but also the portions are small. I could see how we benefited from ordering and eating communally because the variety of flavors were key to enjoying this meal.

    1. Pretty much agree with everything Fatima said. Did anyone think to grab a copy of the menu, by the way? I was planning to take one to scan and post since they don't have one on their website, but then when there was a pause in the torrential rain I darted out to the car and forget to take a menu with me.

      1. Hmm, do they have fried momos? Fried things pretty much beat steamed things any day. :D

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          Per the OP, we had the fried chicken momos. Not as good as the steamed. I do not agree about fried beating steamed. It depends on the dumpling. Some dumplings are made specifically to fry. If there is a choice, I prefer steamed.