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Mar 29, 2014 06:59 PM

Beat Seafood pizza in the Bay Area?

I never really appreciated seafood pizza till I stayed at a Hostel in Cairns Australia in the 80's and the Greek Pizza joint next door made the most fantastic Seafood pizza I had ever tasted.
It was perfection!

I have tried a few since but none of them even come close.

Does anyone have some favorites I can try?

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  1. Pizzaiolo sometimes makes squid pizza, it's really good.

    Ideale, Forge, and Hot Italian have smoked salmon pies.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      The smoked swordfish at Hot Italian is wonderful. With lemon and arugula.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        That squid pizza at Pizzaiolo is one of my favorite pizzas anywhere. I like the clam version at Boot & Shoe too, but the squid one is even better.

        I was pleasantly surprised by the smoked salmon pizza at Hot Italian.

        1. re: The Dive

          I second the squid pizza - definitely my favorite over the clam pizza. I check their menu regularly to see if it's available, but I haven't seen it on the menu recently even though other squid items show up.

      2. Boot & Shoe service in Oakland has a really good pizza with manila clams and aioli on the menu occasionally.

        1. by far the oyster pizza at osteria stellina

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            It's no longer on the menu due to the Drakes closure. Raw oysters are still on the menu though.

          2. The clam, parsley and garlic at golden boy is my favorite whether it is pizza or not.

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            1. re: trespinero

              Totally agree! Even better heated up the next day, adds a crispy edge to the crust.

            2. While the heydays of Postrio are long gone, you can still get Wolfgang Puck's legendary smoked salmon pizza there.

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              1. re: nocharge

                I'm always startled to see the hotel is still calling it that.