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Times Square Area Restaurant Suggestions

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My husband & I will be in NYC for a theater week-end in two weeks. We're staying in the Times Square area and would love suggestions for moderately priced restaurants for pre-theater dinners and lunches. We especially like Italian, French, & seafood, but are open to any cuisine. Would love to find lunch places with interesting fresh soups, sandwiches, & salads. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. What's your budget per person, before tax, tip, and alcohol?

    I ask because "moderately priced" can mean different things to different people. Especially for NYers vs out of towners.

    Make sure you make any reservations ASAP since you're coming in two weeks.

    Where to eat in Times Square and the Theatre District:

    1. Would like to keep lunch around $20 per person and dinner under $50 person before drinks, tax & tip. Would love to find some casual bistros with great food.

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        Check out the links Kathryn has provided above!

      2. Try some of Manhattan's best Thai food at Larb Ubol.

          1. I tell you, we went to the new Da Marcella for dinner before theatre on Saturday night. They have a coupon on line for a free pasta Bolognese, but their food was seriously good. And, very reasonable.

            1. Italian: Mercato
              French: Chez Naploean (old school)
              Seafood: Not much for the price. Esca is the logical choice but it will be over budget
              Soups: Bis.co.Latte. Specializes in Biscotis but really excellent soups, and daily Risottos
              Sandwiches: City Sandwich. Gotham West Market.. http://wp.me/p2zSmJ-1cp
              Salads: Café Ole, tiny hole in the wall - a little pricy. Little Chef at GWM

              More Hells Kitchen ideas here.. http://wp.me/p2zSmJ-DD

              1. Thanks so much for all the great suggestions.