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Mar 29, 2014 04:34 PM

El Salvadorean food along I-5 at Buttonwillow - near Bakersfield - home made tortillas!

Couple of weeks ago I found myself stopping for a room along I-5 after a long day of driving. Next morning I wanted a good breakfast and had an amazing huevos rancheros with the best home made tortillas I've ever had.

So much better than the Denny's dinner the night before!

Tita's Pupuseria at 20643 Tracey Avenue, Buttonwillow 93206 Telephone 661-764-5111; open 6AM-11PM

It's near the Motel 6 - more trucker services at this exit than ones for the fancy people in expensive cars but truckers and farmers know where to eat.

The same people have a food truck or lonchera nearby. Restaurant is where I ate and they have a ton of lunch/dinner items as well. Tita's is on my must-stop list whenever I have to make the SF/LA drive again.

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