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Mar 29, 2014 04:27 PM

best sushi close to 55th street, 5th/6th avenue

Coming to NYC first/second week of april, are there any top sushi/japanese places close to MoMA?

in addition i would also appreciate tips for classic NY cocktails bars close by for pre-dinner cocktail....

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  1. MoMA is at 11 W 53rd St, between 5th and 6th Ave.

    Did you mean 53rd St or 55th St?

    Can't think of many top Japanese restaurants within a few short blocks. Are you willing to walk further away?

    Cocktails nearby I would go to the bar at Ma Peche.

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      thank you for reply... i don't mind walking/taking cab, anything in 1-1,5 mile radius is fine...

      I got recommendations for MASA and Kuruma Zushi (which are fine, i guess)

      however i would also like to try some great sushi without the "superbrand", do you have any tips?

      1. re: MIross

        I have to disagree with kathryn's recommendation of cocktails at Ma Pache. Ma Pache is a good enough restaurant but the cocktails are of the same caliber that many places are now doing these days - good but unexciting and certainly not a classic NY cocktail bar experience.

        However, for a "classic NY cocktail bar" the King Cole Bar in the St. Regis is on 55th and 5th would be fit the bill. Can't get any more classic than the King Cole Bar.

        I don't know about the best but my favorite japanese in the relative MOMA area for me is Yakatori Totto - not fancy at all but quite good. Perhaps the OP could reconsider sushi/japanese (as there are very limited choices in the immediate MOMA 'hood ) and consider Le Bernadin instead (not cheap obviously). That's what I would do...

    2. At 47th street, Kuruma Zushi is one of the best. *Very* expensive, like over $300.

      1. Best sushi near MoMA: Masa

        Best Japanese near MoMA: Sugiyama

        1. The options from this thread are all either walkable or a very short can ride away:

          1. Sushi Zen! at 44th street