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Apr 25, 2003 08:17 PM

I know St. Laurent has lots of bars, but where do you buy groceries?

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I'm moving into a place just east of St. Laurent near Prince Arthur and I am trying to figure out what to do about groceries in the area. I am aware of the nearby mega-stores like Provigo and Metro but I am hoping to steer away from the more commercial (ie; more expensive) vendors. Does anyone have any reccommendations on good bakeries, fruit/vegetable stores, specialty food shops, etc? Thanks

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  1. Head north on St-Laurent and you'll start to see specialty ethnic grocery stores as you get out of the more trendy area of St-Laurent. As you head north, make sure to explore Laurier Street for gourmet shops (perpendicular street). Then get back on St-Laurent and continue until you hit Little Italy...lots of goodies there, not to mention the Jean Talon market, a food-lovers dream.

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      Right around St-Laurent/Prince Arthur is the 24hr 4 Frères supermarket at St-Laurent and Guilbault as well as the MNI supermarket on Prince Arthur near Coloniale. As you head north there's a bunch of butchers and fruit stories and there's a Latino supermarket near Marie-Anne.

    2. 4 Frères just south of the corner of Pine/Ste. Laurent is good for quick groceries, but I'm not keen on their meat/poultry section. Waldman's for fish (Roy just east of St. L.), and there's a reasonably good (cheap, but you gotta watch their quality) fruit/veg place just north of Pine on St. L. on the east side.

      A little bit above Roy on St. L. is a great Latino place (again on the east side), and then there's La Veille Europe for cheese & charcuterie. A bit further up (just below Duluth) is Frenco (health food store) that's okay, and a bit further north of that is a grocery place that I can't remember the name of but that has great prices. (Sega Bros. is stuck in my mind but I'm not sure if that's the name.)

      Going westward there's a FANTASTIC fruit/veg place on Parc (just above Milton) that has wonderful produce that's cheap, cheap, cheap and terrific quality. I think the name is Lobo...but take note that it's NOT the one that's inside LaCité (which has it's own charms but tends to be expensive.)

      Hope that helps!

      1. There's a great bulk/natural foods store on St. Laurent a block or 2 north of the Warshaw (forget the name, sorry!). Good for bulk grains, cereals, organic foods, etc. Otherwise, go once a week to the Marche Jean-Talon and pick up all the produce and supplies you need. Having moved from Montreal last year I still miss the market!