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Frozen Cherries

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  • Meann Mar 29, 2014 04:00 PM
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None of the stores around here (Roxborough) seem to have frozen cherries. Strawberries, sure. Blueberries, mixed berries. Heck, even mango. But no cherries. Any ideas where I can try further afield? I need them to make brandied cherries for Manhattans.

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  1. Try either TJs or Wegmans. They both carry cherriers.

    1. I have always seen them at Whole Foods; not sure if they're in your area, however.

      1. Frozen cherries can be ordered from several Michigan sources. Google "frozen cherries michigan mail".

        1. Bought some at giant today

          1. MMMM...sounds great!

            1. Thanks, all. Whole Foods came through.