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Mar 29, 2014 02:41 PM

Best rosemary to grow for culinary use?

Once again, my rosemary did not survive the winter and I need to start over. This time I'll plant it in the ground instead of a pot.

Which rosemary should I grow for culinary use?

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  1. I adore rosemary and have grown many "bushes" of it myself here in FL--one friend actually said hers was the size of a shrub!...was not aware of different varieties but am following this for new information! Thanks!

    1. I don't know where you live but in my eastern Massachusetts zone (6A) rosemary is an annual plant, not Winter hardy. If you want to start from seeds, and you're not in a warm climate, you're too late.. Buying rosemary starts from a nursery is the better way to go. Any rosemary plant at the nursery displayed in the Herb section is OK.

      ETA: Home Depot has wonderful herb plants.

      1. The best one I found for cooking was called 'Spice Island'. Unfortunately if you are buying your plants an not starting from seed some times there is not a lot of choice. Most nurseries bring in 'rosemary' and not specific varieties. Good luck on your hunt.

        1. I've given up on my rosemary surviving a MN winter, so every fall I cut it all back, and freeze it in a zip lock, and use it up until my new plant (typically from Home depot) is ready to go.

          1. Had no problems for several years growing rosemary in a pot and bringing it inside to a sunny room in the winter, but finally DW decided that she didn't use it much for cooking and needed the space, so now I just raise a plant from seed each year.