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Mar 29, 2014 02:14 PM

Lamb Curry with coconut and lime juice

I am choosing the wine for a ladies lunch tomorrow when I am absent. My wife has prepared a mild lamb curry with coconut milk and lime juice.

I'vre tasted it. It isn't calling for Gewurz or Pinot Gris.

I am chilling this Chardonnay-Viognier which I have yet to sample
Am I on the right track?

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  1. My first choice would be riesling....

    why is it not calling for gewurztraminer?

    For my palate I wouldn't be reaching for chardonnay for curry or lime. Ditto viognier.

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    1. re: TombstoneShadow

      My Riesling is too austere = bone dry.
      The curry is quite mild.

      1. re: collioure

        understood..., in riesling (or any wine) I'd like at least a hint of sweetness for this dish. It's not only the curry, but also the lime that points to it imo.

        If this was shellfish in a butter sauce, then I'm definitely liking the chard/viognier :)

    2. what about bubbles? Maybe even a demi-sec.

      Bubbles pair well with fat and spice....and would be something different.

      1. Well, she served a red wine brought by a guest.

        She will supply her own wine from now on.

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          1. re: ChefJune

            And what's more, June, when in France you ask for advice, you are more or less obliged to follow it.

          2. re: collioure

            I could even see a rosé...maybe.

            But I hope it was at least a fruity, unoaked red.

            1. re: sunshine842

              Yes, Sunshine, but I almost never have rosé on hand. Have two dry ones though.

              1. re: collioure

                sorry, I must have lost the link to your inventory. O.o

                1. re: sunshine842

                  It was a good idea.
                  The dish was like from where that jet went down - in the Indian Ocean. I don't make any dishes from there. So I don't have any wines for them.
                  It was only by chance that I had bought a few bottles of Chard-Viognier which I thought would have worked well with coconut and lime juice in this tropical recipe.

            2. re: collioure

              Is this the subject of another thread? (Actually, I'd be surprised if there weren't one already.)

              Do you always serve wine that a guest brings even tho you think that it fights with your menu?

              I don't. Usually, I don't because the guest has brought a very thoughtful and generous wine that I don't want to see under-appreciated because of its pairing. I do tag it with the guest's name and try to build a menu around it at a future dinner.


              1. re: mangeur

                I'm with you, mangeur. To the extent that my friends know that if they bring a wine to dinner Chez Julia, it will definitely not be served that evening, and that they will likely be invited again, when their wine is poured.

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Thanks to you and to mangeur for your excellent ideas of how to handle this situation.

                  BTW I opened that Chardonnay/Viognier this evening alongside ginger-lime scallops. Interesting wine with good acids and a good match.