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Mar 29, 2014 01:41 PM

88 Sports Bar and Korean Grill (Alameda)

This bar used to be Scobies - they apparently had some Korean menu items on the menu for years, after the current owners bought it, but they expanded the menu and renamed the bar back in October.

The menu is pretty wide ranging, with lots of sojubang standards (dukbokki, fried chicken, samgyeopsal), a lot of different soups, soondubu jigae, plus the usual "non-specialized" Korean restaurant standards (bulgogi, bibimbap, etc).

Since it's a bar, sojubang seemed the way to go, so we ordered their house spicy chicken wings and a mixed dukbokki. Chicken wings were good, with a thin, spicy soy glaze. They also have a more classic Korean version with a gochujang glaze we haven't tried yet. I really liked the mixed dukbokki (rice cakes, eggs, fish cake, dumplings, sweet potato noodles) - it had a thinner, less sweet, less pasty sauce than the version at Da Sung Sa. Dukbokki texture was perfectly tender and chewy, and I strongly preferred the slippery clear sweet potato noodles to the ramen noodles at Da Sung Sa. I don't love a thick coat of gochujang on everything, so this version was more to my taste. I will say, though, that the 88 Sports Bar version is a few dollars more and has a lot less "stuff" (dumplings, etc) than Da Sung Sa.

Minimal panchan, and it was just ok, but I don't expect panchan at a sojubang anyway.

The Yelp reviews aren't very good (a fair number of them give poor ratings because of cost, which is more expensive than Oakland Korean restaurants, or because of failure to honor and other coupons), but it looks like everyone who's had the dukbokki thought it was good.

I plan to sample off some other parts of the menu next time, but I can't imagine they can execute every item on the menu well - I can't think of another Korean restaurant with as broad of a menu, and they do some "Western" stuff as well.

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  1. i skipped the eats here when i saw the pricing. the bar is nice and the patrons cool. skipped the guinness since it was flat.

    btw, looney's bbq was here for awhile years ago.. the "cook"
    admitted all the Q was made in oakland and brought here.

    1. For those who are interested:

      88 Sports Bar
      2431 Central Ave
      Alameda, CA 94501
      b/t Everett St & Park Ave
      Phone (510) 865-2344
      Yelp lists hours as 11a - 2a, 7 days/wk
      no website