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Mar 29, 2014 12:27 PM

Bodega Bay Oyster Company [Petaluma]

The sign is up but the place is not open yet. Located in the same building as the old New Amsterdam place on Valley Ford Road just east of route 1. Not sure if it's going to be a restaurant or just a retail outlet.

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  1. Cool, please keep us posted on progress. Mapquest had the address and phone.

    Bodega Bay Oyster Company
    12830 Valley Ford Rd
    Petaluma, CA 94952
    (707) 876-3010

    1. both

      the market is opening any day now while the restaurant/bar will follow by summer

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      1. re: CitizenS

        I would like to pick up some oysters for a small party this Sunday. Is it open yet?

        1. re: RossHalleck

          As of this afternoon 4/29, no it is not open yet.

        1. re: Andrew H

          Thanks for the update. Besides retail and wholesale shellfish, the site says it plans to open a casual eatery soon.

        2. Thanks again for telling us about this new biz. A friend checked it out last week after reading this and reports that the kumamotos were outstanding. He's very happy to be able to buy this quality closer to home and avoid the extra hour round trip of driving to Marshall.

          1. We stopped here over the weekend for clams, not oysters ironically, and we were happy to find the same tiny, nubby, rounded Point Reyes manila clams that are sometimes available at Tokyo Fish in Berkeley but nowhere else that I know of. These clams were super fresh and fabulous in a simple Portuguese style Ameijoas á Bulhão Pato ( clams with garlic, parsley white wine) that we made at home. Clams were $6/lb. Oysters were $10-$16 dozen with deals for larger purchases. It is a pretty bare bones operation at present.

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            1. re: flavorenhancer

              what kind of oysters were $10-$16 a dozen? If the price includes the Kunamotos, it will be quite a deal!

              1. re: ckshen

                The chalkboard in my too-blurry-to-post photo shows:
                Bodea Miyagi
                X-sml $10/doz, $40/bag of 50
                Small $13/doz, $50/bag of 50
                Medium $16/doz, $60/bag of 50
                Large $18/doz, $70/bag of 50
                Pt. Reyes Kumamoto $16/doz, $60/bag of 50
                Bodega Bay Virginica $16/doz, $60/bag of 50
                Clams, Mussels, $6/lb.
                Time to get shucking?