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Apr 17, 2003 04:47 PM

"best restaurant in North America"

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My husband and I are planning a trip to Montreal in June and our trip will coincide with my birthday. Several months ago, I was researching our trip and found many references to a restaurant commonly considered the best in North America. Was I imagining this? Can anyone think of what this restaurant might have been? Do I have the wrong city?

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  1. It's either Toque(Considered the best in Montreal) or Le Passe-Partout (I believe I've seen it quoted as such).

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      It could also be L'Eau a la Bouche up north, but frankly none of them are even close to the best in North America. The French Laundry is probably the consensus choice for that...

    2. Jane,
      I am pretty sure you are probably refering to la Passe Partou. A year or two ago GQ Magazine had an article by its food editor Allan Richman describing a special meal he had there. In the article Richman describes it as either the best restaurant in North America or maybe even the world.