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Which NOLA Steakhouse

Coming into town this week, i can only go to one of these places so looking for opinions

Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse
La Boca
Mr Johns

I like a tender piece of steak not chewy not too fatty, la boca stands out but looking for other opinions for people that have tried more than one of them and also what would you recommend on that menu

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  1. Of those 4 I prefer La Boca. To complicate things, consider Doris Metropolitan on Chartres near Jackson Square. Really nice addition to the steak-centric landscape.

    1. Mr. John’s hands down. It also has more New Orleans atmosphere than La Boca or Chophouse.

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        Hands down if you mean "New Orleans steakhouse". Not hands down for overall dining experience, no.

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          i like Mr. John's as my go-to steakhouse, but i dont think their atmosphere is too special...i prefer Chophouse's as its dark and old, but it's much more expensive.

        2. Mr. John's or Desi Vegas in the CBD...same operation, two locations. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...any location.

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            MJ and DV are not quite the same. different chefs, different recipes for many of their dishes, and the decor is completely different. i prefer both the recipes and decor of MJ's.

          2. Mr. Johns for all you are looking for!

            1. +1 for Mr. John's. Currently the best steakhouse in town. However, I have yet to go to Doris and am very intrigued.

              1. I can't wait to hear where you chose. Let me make a final distinction: if you want onion rings, potatoes au gratin, creamed spinach, 24 ozs of beast, lobster...Zoe's, go where the others said. If you want a wholly different list of menu items, go to Boca or Doris.

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                      I was wondering what you meant, just read my post. I either had a flash of an old girlfriend while I was typing or auto-correct kicked in! Guess it was the latter, sorry, don't know where Zoe came from!

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                        Aha! Technology making our lives easier.

                        I didn't think you were referring to the place in the W but there was a chance that behind the $14 "New Orleans" Manhattans (made with Chambord no less!) there was something non-obvious lurking.