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Mar 29, 2014 10:43 AM

Seeking a recommendation for a good value, very nice steakhouse

Looking for a good value very nice steakhouse in NYC (Manhattan)

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  1. Good value and very nice steakhouse in Manhattan may be mutually exclusive. Depends on what you think is a good value. Most steakhouses are very expensive, unless you go to a bistro and have steak frites. The price gets better, and the steak is tolerable though not the size or quality you'd get at a true NYC steakhouse.

    1. your best (only) bet may be le relais de venise. it's not a standard steakhouse, and don't expect brilliance, but it does serve up a credible steak (one cut only) for a low price.

      1. Honestly, if you go to any high-end steakhouse serving dry-aged prime grades of beef (Wolfgang's, Keens, Prime Meats etc) and order *only* the steaks you're getting good value for your money.

        Where steakhouses really gouge you is on the sides. Avoid those and even if you end up with a tab of 150+ for two people, you will have eaten like Conan the Barbarian and maximized your steak-dining Bitcoins.

        1. I love steak but only eat small portions. I explained that to our server at Keen's and he was terrific about letting my husband and me split a sirloin steak (meant for one), and it was perfect for the two of us.