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Mar 29, 2014 07:49 AM

Winterthur in Wilmington

Visiting Wintherthur today and looking for interesting dining destinations. Anyone have a favorite lunch spot within five miles of the museum?

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  1. When visiting Winterthur and/or relatives in Greenville Delaware we often choose the casual Capers and Lemons restaurant. It is pleasant environs, with a nice warm weather patio over looking the rolling countywide. The service is friendly and professional and we have always found the food to be good, perhaps not "foodie" but interesting selections.

    1. We frequent Pizza by Elizabeths. Wood fired pizza, soup, salads, beer, wine.

      1. The preceding two are good. Krazy Kats in Montchanin is a bit more up scale.

        Buckley's Tavern is a local favorite.

        1. BBC Tavern in Greenville is another good option--I'd recommend either that or Pizza by Elizabeth's. I haven't been to Buckley's since it re-opened under new management, but it might be OK (I always found the food to be pretty underwhelming in the past). Capers and Lemons is just awful, IMO.

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            Agree about C&L, it's mediocre at best. And Buckley's got a bit worse with the new management. Fortunately Winterthur is only ten minutes away from Kennett Square and there are lots of good food options there.

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              Mild defense of C&L...its OK for lunch. As is P by E, which is closer.

              Awful lot of estrogen at P by E, though. Very feminine decoration.

              1. re: sal_acid

                The decor at PBE is absymal. The pizza is so-so (crust kinda tastes like a pita). Very good seafood salad and tres leches cake if they have it.

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              travelm, always interesting to observe individual differences. Contrary to your comments we have always found BBC to be just awful and Elizabeth's ok for a pizza. C&P, as mentioned certainly not foodie, however it has always been crowded when we have gone; it must be for the view. Certainly do agree on Buckleys regarding the food. I believe there are personal histories there for many and that is an attraction.

            3. You will get more answers if you post this on the Philadelphia board as Wilmington is considered part of the Philadelphia area board per the description

              Discuss the best restaurants and food in Philadelphia (inc. Wilmington, Camden)

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                Actually it started there, but I just noticed it today and flagged the moderators to move it to this board (there is a lot more discussion of Wilmington here, I believe).

                Either way, the OP would have visited Winterthur several days ago, so the question appears to be moot at this point.