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Mar 29, 2014 07:09 AM


Where can one find rock sugar in Montreal? I have looked everywhere without success.

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  1. Do you mean the candy or the type you put in tea?

    If you mean the type you put in tea, have you tried Akhavan?

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      I think Iranians put the candy rock sugar in their tea, so you will find it in Iranian/middle eastern stores. I would try Adonis or Almizan downtown unless you live close to Akhavaan (not sure if it's spelled with an 'i' or 'ee'. I am finding conflicting spellings online.

      St Louis make brown sugar cubes that you can find in many grocery stores, but I haven't seen big rock sugar from them :

    2. For the type you put in tea, etc., there's a French brand called Saint Louis that comes in a small yellow box, and you can easily find it at places like Milano, Douceurs du Marche (Atwater), and plenty of other smaller stores. I think PA may also stock it.

      1. thanks for the information to the two respondents

        1. If you need the sugar for sweetening hot drinks, chocolate privilege has cute rock sugar stirring sticks.

          1. The Japanese Dollar Store on Decarie below Sherbrooke has rock sugar for coffee and tea.
            I bought it on the owners reccomendation and found it dissolved easily and was not overly sweet.