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Mar 29, 2014 06:15 AM

Cayman Birthday dinner

We will be staying in the 7 mile beach area in April with my husband's family (3 couples and our 14 yo son). We would like to go out for a birthday dinner for my MIL while we are there. My initial response would be Blue for a special occasion. My FIL (who is less into food than we are) HATES tasting menus though and I think would be very stressed by knowing that a lot of money is being spent for food he wouldn't particularly appreciate/enjoy. I also don't think I want to spend that much if it isn't going to be enjoyed by everyone there. Also, because of a cheese allergy, Italian is out. So looking at the boards, maybe Ortanique or Osetra would be good choices? Any other recommendations for a special dinner? Either have a better special occasion atmosphere?

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  1. If you're going to be there on a Sunday, the brunch at the Westin Causarina is a good choice for my family (up to 12 people at one time,) They offer local cuisine plus some international food on their buffet. It also is on the water.

    1. Blue is worth the money, but I can understand why someone would not want to spend the money.Osetra Bay has good food and an over the top atmosphere, like South Beach in Miami. It would be a good choice for a birthday. Ortanique is also an excellent choice, but I would recommend going later, because there are many children running around in Camana Bay in the early evening. Brasserie has excellent food, but it is not on the water. If you want great food, but a relatively plain room, I would go to this restaurant. Grand Old House has a beautiful location on the water.