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Mar 29, 2014 06:00 AM

Potato Sacks in Austin

Want to have a potato sack race for my kid's bday party. They sell them online for a ridiculous price. Anybody know a local source?

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  1. What about checking with a place that goes through a lot of potatoes? I know I've seen bags of potatoes stacked out behind the P. Terry's on N. Lamar. Can't remember if they were burlap bags though.

    1. A long time ago i got burlap coffee sacks for this purpose from Anderson's coffee. I'd call first, though.

      1. Ask 5 Guys.. If I recall they have them stacked up. I can't imagine they keep them. I think Mighty Fine might too.

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          Thank peeps! I'll check at 5 guys and p Terry's.

        2. can rent such things at party supply places... with old fashioned popcorn popers and stuff