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Apr 11, 2003 01:24 PM

Indian food in Montreal

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I'm looking for great Indian food in Montreal. These are the places that have been recommended to me: Bombay Mahal, Star of India and Mysore.

Any comments on these?

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    Starving Student

    I too was on a quest for good Indian food in Montreal, yet I haven't tried any of the names reccommended to you. After eating at Le Taj (Stanley near Sherbrooke) for the first time, I pretty much stopped looking for anywhere else. Food is generally consistent, for both the inexpensive lunch buffet and other meals. Nice atmosphere, I have never felt rushed and the service has always been attentive. Mango lassis are the best that I have ever tried, naan bread is perfect and the spiced Okra dish is not only unique but it is delicious. I have no complaints, I have eaten really enjoyable meals there.

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      I have two places that I frequent constantly. I would consider them the best Indian places in the city. If you are not used to traditional Indian food I would suggest Ambala, located slightly north of Pins on St. Denis. However, if you can appreciate real authentic Indian food (couldn't tell you the exact region) head directly to Pushap on the corner of Paré and Mountain-sights in the Cote des neige area. Most Indians I am friendly with consider this to be the ONLY Indian place in the city. It might take a few visits to fully appreciate, but it is fantastic. The only people you will see working there are either the owner himself or his close family.

    2. never tried taj (it looks expensive!!!), bombay mahal, or star of india. mysore is ok. i'm told, however, that the best indian food in montreal is in park ex. i'm inclined to agree. there's a number of good restaurants up there, i don't know many names but there's one called sweet india on de liege which is pretty good, it's really near where the parc bus stops.

      downtown, i'm told that lune indienne on st-denis is the only place worth trying out.