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Mar 28, 2014 09:18 PM

Entertaining Ideas for Easter Brunch/Luncheon

Hello Chowhounders.

I am new to CH and would love some suggestions on hosting an easy to execute Easter Brunch/Luncheon.

I would love menu ideas and your favorite spring recipes to help me decide between serving Brunch or Lunch or maybe a combination of the two. I plan to have guests arrive around 12 noon to 1 pm. I would like to keep the menu delicious but simple and a variety of hot and cold foods.

I am opened to any suggestions you may have!

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  1. A spiral sliced baked ham is easy and makes a nice presentation.

    1. Ham is the Easter tradition in my family, so I second the idea of a ham. Serve it with biscuits and / or rolls - Hawaiian rolls are delicious with ham - and mustard and chutney.

      fruit salad
      roasted/grilled asparagus
      crudite, green salad, and/or tomato and cucumber salad
      hash browns or roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes
      muffins and/or banana bread
      devilled eggs
      mac and cheese

      1. Also see this recent thread:

        This older thread is still relevant with a ton of ideas:

        1. Asparagus is always welcome at Eastertime. Blanched and chilled ahead, you can do all sorts of things with it. I like to sear blanched asparagus on a dry griddle, then top it with lemon zest and juice, kosher salt, chipotle powder, and chunks of soft goat cheese.

          Quiche is nice - a leek/gruyere one would be good.

          A yeasted coffeecake if you are a baker.

          A fresh fruit salad is always tasty.

          A simple lemon or chocolate tart.

          The above are random ideas, not necessarily to be served together!