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Entertaining Ideas for Easter Brunch/Luncheon

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Hello Chowhounders.

I am new to CH and would love some suggestions on hosting an easy to execute Easter Brunch/Luncheon.

I would love menu ideas and your favorite spring recipes to help me decide between serving Brunch or Lunch or maybe a combination of the two. I plan to have guests arrive around 12 noon to 1 pm. I would like to keep the menu delicious but simple and a variety of hot and cold foods.

I am opened to any suggestions you may have!

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  1. A spiral sliced baked ham is easy and makes a nice presentation.

    1. Ham is the Easter tradition in my family, so I second the idea of a ham. Serve it with biscuits and / or rolls - Hawaiian rolls are delicious with ham - and mustard and chutney.

      fruit salad
      roasted/grilled asparagus
      crudite, green salad, and/or tomato and cucumber salad
      hash browns or roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes
      muffins and/or banana bread
      devilled eggs
      mac and cheese

      1. Also see this recent thread:

        This older thread is still relevant with a ton of ideas:

        1. Asparagus is always welcome at Eastertime. Blanched and chilled ahead, you can do all sorts of things with it. I like to sear blanched asparagus on a dry griddle, then top it with lemon zest and juice, kosher salt, chipotle powder, and chunks of soft goat cheese.

          Quiche is nice - a leek/gruyere one would be good.

          A yeasted coffeecake if you are a baker.

          A fresh fruit salad is always tasty.

          A simple lemon or chocolate tart.

          The above are random ideas, not necessarily to be served together!

            1. I would do a berry strata (make ahead, cook in the morning)
              there are many recipes out there - here is one example

              if you prefer savory version - I like the Best of Bridge "Christmas morning wifesaver" ( I know, diff holiday, and definitely dated title) ----- http://www.bestofbridge.com/category/...

              nb - you MUST make these ahead (late night before works


              ps - for easy cleaning - I quickly line the casserole dish with parchment paper - it lasts overnight - bake and then - way easier to tidy the dishes.

              another ps - add my vote to asparagus - you could even make soup.

              For me, I make vegan carrot soup for those more specific guests - cook in a big heavy-base soup pot, a big bag of organic carrots with veg broth til soft, then use stick blender and make smooth, add coconut milk and seasonings to taste (could be curry or ginger or just salt/pepper) and blend again with your stick blender.

              I also make whole wheat carrot muffins from the Bobs Red Mill recipe - it's a company in Oregon. The recipe is on the pkg of flour and on their website. I omit nuts and add coconut instead. Many people rave about this not-so-secret recipe (ie it's on the pkg)

              as you can tell - I am making carrot theme because the easter bunny eats - carrots.

              if you look in your local dollar store, they often have cute seasonal "picks" for cupcake d├ęcor - I just put them in my carrot muffins. I found some at dollartree the other day that are little toothpicks with rabbit faces on them - I think it's cute.

              then we have an easter hunt which includes the usual candy and hard-boiled eggs (decorated ahead by the teens) and also boxes of Annie's rabbit pasta for the parents who are scared of sugar ; )

              1. I love these ideas so far! Quiche, carrot based soup/muffins, the thread to read up on, and berry strata, asparagus and ham...thanks for all of these great suggestions...love all of the make ahead suggestions!