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Mar 28, 2014 08:28 PM

Toddler friendly restaurants?

Is it okay to bring a 19 months old toddler there? We don't need a kids menu as he pretty much eats whatever we eat including curry, fish, blue cheese etc... but he sometimes babbles loudly or in a high pitch voice when he's excited (he doesn't usually throw a tantrum when he gets to eat...). I just don't want to disturb other patrons.

If Alma is not a good one to bring a toddler, any other suggestions (something other than burgers/pizzas)? Doesn't matter if it's in the TC or nearby suburbs. Easy parking within walking distance is a bonus.

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  1. Sorry I'm really confused by your question, when you say, "Is it okay to bring a toddler there" are you asking if it's okay to bring a toddler to Alma? I personally wouldn't, but I would totally take a toddler to Brasa and highly recommend it.

    Here's an older but pretty relevant thread:

    P.S. Alma: not great parking.


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      Sorry i wasn't clear... prob shouldn't type when it was late at night :) Yes I did mean if it's okay to bring a toddler to Alma... good to know it's prob not the best place then. And thanks for the tips on parking...

      We've been to Brasa pre-kid - we liked it!

    2. We took our then 20 month old to Haute Dish, and it was great. Lots of conversations going on to help cover kid noise, and they have very high ceilings which helps.

      It's deconstructed/reinterpreted midwestern comfort food. Definitely chow worthy. We got her a half order of their mac and cheese and gave her nibbles from our plates. On street parking or valet.

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        Great! Haute Dish is another one on my list to try... (way too many but now is somewhat limited with a toddler...)

        1. re: Ummm

          Bump it up the list! It's also good for small groups, so toddler noise can get even further dampened

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. We have two and we bring them with us just about everywhere...bring our own entertainment, distractions, emergency favorites, etc.

          ....but Alma would not be a good fit for a number of reasons. The room is not forgiving acoustically, the bathrooms are not built for two, the room is small, and if unhappiness should arise, there is no where to escape to other than outside.

          But really, Alma is on a very VERY short list of places that we probably wouldn't bring the kiddos. Ultimately, Alex and Margo have little ones too, so you know they'd be accommodating but other diners, I have a feeling, less so.

          1. I would never take a toddler to a place where I wanted to relax and enjoy my meal. I would much rather just go out less often and splurge for a sitter or trade-off with another couple. There are plenty of places where a toddler would be welcome, but I certainly would not count any chef-driven restaurants among them.

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            1. re: gryffindor249

              We took our son out to dinner perhaps 95% of the time from pretty much day one, to all sorts of restaurants. We enjoyed his company and contributions as a charming and interesting member of our family. He remains so at the age of 25.

              1. re: sandylc

                Amen Sandy. It is pleasing to know we are not the only family that values the opportunity to reinforce our kid's reverent behavior in public and be exposed to the experience of being served and eating great food.

                ...And considering the number of other families we see and nod to at 5PM as we look around at places like 112, Bachelor Farmer, Tilia, Butcher & The Boar, Smack Shack, BLG...we're encouraged. Sunday supper @ BF is particularly fun as we've met some other families there with whom we've kept in touch...good pickup scene for parents I guess.

                1. re: Foureyes137

                  My daughter and I have a monthly lunch date to Davanni's . She's now 2 1/2, and Davanni's certainly isn't fancy, but it helps practice how we act when eating out, so when we are traveling and in "nicer" places, she knows what's expected of her. Also keeps me aware of potential issues (how long can she wait, be distracted by crayons, etc) so I'm ready for more serious commitments.

                  And the extra half of my whole hoagie equals yummy work lunch the next day. . .:)