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Anyone here tried Marco's Crepe and Pizza in Peabody?

Just passed it on route 1 and looked it up with all 5 stars on other review sites, but what counts for me is the CH opinion.. Looks to be a full service Italian upscale-ish restaurant that also happens to have pizza and crepes. Reviews seem to find food, service and ambience authentic and outstanding.. Owner is from Italy

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  1. shewhochomps, i'd never heard of this spot, but the photo of their eggplant parm has me psyched! (I still haven't found a great EP.) See you there!

    1. o.k. shewhochomps, we went for lunch today!! (Man, did we have a hard time driving there. Craziest Rt 1 situation i could imagine; we kept saying the old Maine punch line "ya can't get there from here!").

      Chef is Marco, Liguria by way of Sicily. Best Eggplnt Parm I've had on my EP quest. Closed my eyes and it tasted like italy. Freshly assembled paper thin slices, floured and fried, stacked and baked w/ quality cheese and marinara.$10; Divino!
      Pizzas have excellent crust , sauce and quality cheeses, but need to have more sauce and be well done (and don't let the Albanian newbie waiter convince you otherwise.)
      Open 11-11.
      Thnx so very much for noticing this place chomps; it's pretty close to us so i'm major psyched :-}

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        wow, that made my day! I know how hard you have been searching for EP bliss, and I am really glad to have somehow led you there! We cant wait to try it now

      2. shewhochomps, have your ears been ringing lately? We went back to Marco's for the FIFTH time this Monday! I just HAD to have my Eggplnt Parm fix, and the perfect Caesar salad. :-}

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          so, just noticed on their menu that its an app not a meal.. Is the EP and CS something two can share for lunch or really just for one? Have you tried the pizza or crepes?

        2. EP serves one, imo. 4 cheese pizza was too cheesy and underdone but i saw others that looked much better. It's funny, the Croatian waiter, andi, just doesn't get American taste, and the 2 dishes he has 'managed' were not the way we like ("I know you don't want burnt pizza"....) so you have to be firm about how you want something! haven't tried the crepes. Caesar is excellent; Marco uses really good quality cheese (unlike Bertucci's where we quit loooong ago.)

          1. shewhochomps, I think it was our 6th visit last night! We both had the Caesar salad and of course the Eggplant Parm- both as consistent and perfect as can be. One of the keys is that Marco does not skimp on his Parm quality; it makes such a difference.

            Just a heads up: I was really surprised with the pesto , which i requested on bucatini ; instead of just Pesto, it was pretty much a creamy pesto beschamel/ soupy sauce. I've never had it like that. If i had been served the dish anywhere but Marco's, i would have returned it, but i really want him to succeed (and that location seems not a smart one, to me. )

            1. Went there last Friday and have mixed feelings about the place.The room is sort of awkward and feels a bit cramped. The waitstaff seems new to the business and the one thing I don't like is to be pressured into ordering the entire meal at once. Had the special app, mussels, and they were OK if a bit bland. The Caesar salad was very good but as it had been brought out with the mussels it got a bit warm and could have been better if it had been brought later.I had the lobster ravioli and, again, they were ok but nothing I couldn't have gotten somewhere else for less money (think Rino's). My wife had the short ribs and here is where the wheels came off. She was delivered 2 extremely fatty and gristly ribs with probably 4 bites of edible meat on it. We informed the waiter who went to the chef/owner and then.....nothing. No communication until I inquired about what the chef said when the bill was presented and was told that this is the way it is. I got a bit upset and told the waiter that the meal was a disgrace and the owner came over and took the ribs off the bill. He had been speaking to some Italian friends in the dining room and never acknowledged us before that even though we had complained.
              I am not saying to not try this place; the pizzas looked amazing and the red sauce plates (Parms etc) looked enormous and well presented. The fried ricotta bites in the Caesar were amazing. Just stay with the tried and true and avoid the high priced "specials" that take the restaurant out of its core competency.
              I will probably not go back as I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the way I was ignored initially. The owner tried to make up for it but it was too late. Oh, and did I mention that the ribs were like $30? That added up to about nine dollars a bite.

              1. My wife and I tried Marco's this week. We shared the eggplant parm app which was a solid B. I had the spaghetti alla vongole which was good. The tiny clams were cooked just right, the sauce was quite garlicky, and the pasta was just soft of al dente.

                The server was polite, but he didn't check on our drinks often enough.

                We went early enough that there weren't many other patrons, but I expect that place to get loud with the bar and no soft surfaces.

                The entrance/exit to the strip mall that it's in is not obvious, and then where you park doesn't have direct access to Rt. 1 which is a little odd.

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                  wow,crouton, i am so surprised (and disappointed) that you didn't find the EP stellar. If it is a solid B, plse tell me where you've had a solid A>> I'll be sure to go there!