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Love in the kitchen

I have been watching more DD&D episodes tonight, and I continue to be impressed by the great homemade food that is still out there. Not chain stuff, not Sysco. Setting aside Guy's hairdo and cars he really doesn't drive, I find the program to be a refreshing connection to food made from scratch and with love. I applaud his scouts who find these great places.

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  1. Absolutely! As much flak as this show gets, and I understand why people find him annoying, or maybe why people wouldn't want to watch a show about "dives," I LOVE how it's all about from scratch cooking. Often past down through generations. I would be happy to eat at many of the featured places (although I don't eat a lot of meat which could be problematic in some cases) and I enjoy watching them cook.

    1. I really love the DD &D show. Love the interesting places he visits. Some of the food is fabulous and I have stolen many ideas! That is one show I can watch all day -and learn some things.
      That Guy is the host, doesn't matter. He does a good job.

      1. I totally agree. I've been watching some episodes tonight as well, and I continue to see lots of things that I want to try. So many of these chefs/small business owners are creating different, fresh, start-from-scratch dishes. From fancy to simple, it's great to see the handiwork and dedication to their dishes. I travel often on business, so I am always trying to pay attention to the locations of these places. I've hit just a couple here and there, but would sure love to visit more.

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          Can you elaborate on those that you have visited. I have hit a few in my local area and did not find them all that great here in Indiana. There have been a few that I have visited while traveling and they were better.

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            At the moment, I recall:

            A pit beef place in Baltimore. Just a sandwich place, but I recall a very good sandwich.

            A fried chicken place in Memphis. The chicken was very good, I don't remember what else I had.

            A seaside place in - I think - Rhode Island. Four of us, lobster rolls, some other seafood, all very good.

            Louie Mueller's, Tyler, TX. Second-best restaurant barbecue I've ever had, and I've had a lot.

            My favorite, Tortuga's Lie in Nags Head. I love that place, and unlike the first two I mentioned, I think they have a large variety of good, well-made food. Not just a destination for one thing (like the beef or the chicken).

            It seems to me I am missing a couple, but I sure can't think of where right now.
            I don't think I've been to any in Indiana.

        2. Great show and recipes. Love Guy.

          1. while I find him abrasive, I will grudgingly allow I have eaten at a few places that turned up later on his show and I am glad they're getting recognition for what they're doing (the restaurants) because they do deserve it.

            1. While I find Guy to be a bit much to handle, DD&D is on here when I want some background TV and I"m sick of HGTV and the "Dream kitchen" for people who admit they don't cook. I respect the searching out of independent restaurants and occasionally a combination of flavors comes across as this might be worth a try. A BBQ style rub for chicken with cloves. Or the ethnic places. It's TV the kiddo doesn't care about and stare at, yet somewhat interesting for me.

              1. Wow, great minds....

                This evening I've been thinking about doing a new DDD post about something very similar...

                I've been thinking about how, for those of us who haven't cooked in a restaurant, this show reveals some reality about the ways in which imaginative professional cooks make things work in their kitchens. Great inside view. Great creativity. Great passion.

                About Guy. The show wouldn't be the same without him, but I still find him annoying.

                1. OH, I'd like to skip the hairy close-up bite shots.

                  1. I don't mind it either. I've been to a number of spots he has visited in a few different cities. Most have been very good. The worst was a place in Omaha that was supposed to be good for burgers and beers... I was passing through town and selected my hotel based on it's location to this place. Most of their beers were bottled and the burger was pretty average.

                    I will say a couple of the places he has done here in Denver aren't really what I would consider dives (or diners or drive ins for that matter). They're hipstery sort of restaurants that are fairly new. But both (Denver Biscuit Company and Steuben's) are very good.

                    1. I admit to enjoying this show. Guy really isn't too obnoxious and I love the focus on showing how they actually make the food.

                      1. I enjoy the show quite a bit. Locally (I'm in Cincinnati), he's done a few places and they are spot-on good places to eat. In particular, he featured Virgil's Café across the river in Bellevue, KY. A friend of ours had been trying to get us to try it for some time. Guy pushed us over the edge and we went for lunch about two years ago. We've been back maybe eight times -- which is far, far more frequent than any other restaurant has become in our lives.

                        1. Maybe I'm wrong and its all an act. And I guess restaurant owners/employees could answer that, but Guy actually seems to enjoy every place he goes. And while he occasionally drops an anecdote about himself or his family, in general he lets the chef/restaurant/owner be the star of the show.

                          1. I don't watch often but the other night, son and I were folding laundry while viewing. Guy was visiting a waffle place and one dish was a thanksgiving waffle. Stuffing made into the waffle shape, topped with turkey slices, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy. It looked really good. Son suggested we do that for T day this year instead of "the usual".

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                              My husband would be all over that!

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                                And a few clicks later...

                                Jive Turkey waffle on the savory menu:


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                                  cute t-shirt! But what is up with their website? It was only by reading the comments that I found they are in Syracuse.

                            2. Guy understands food ( and business) from the *ground up*. He comes from very humble beginnings here in N California. He is an astute businessman who has been cooking his a** off since he was a little boy because he could not stomach his mother's hippie vegan cuisine. Granted the FN executive's have created an on screen persona for him that is rather manic @ times but he is great. I love watching people who know food and enjoy it.

                              1. +1

                                if only they would come anywhere within driving distance of my home. the restaurants, not necessarily Guy and the crew...