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Mar 28, 2014 07:54 PM

Love in the kitchen

I have been watching more DD&D episodes tonight, and I continue to be impressed by the great homemade food that is still out there. Not chain stuff, not Sysco. Setting aside Guy's hairdo and cars he really doesn't drive, I find the program to be a refreshing connection to food made from scratch and with love. I applaud his scouts who find these great places.

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  1. Absolutely! As much flak as this show gets, and I understand why people find him annoying, or maybe why people wouldn't want to watch a show about "dives," I LOVE how it's all about from scratch cooking. Often past down through generations. I would be happy to eat at many of the featured places (although I don't eat a lot of meat which could be problematic in some cases) and I enjoy watching them cook.

    1. I really love the DD &D show. Love the interesting places he visits. Some of the food is fabulous and I have stolen many ideas! That is one show I can watch all day -and learn some things.
      That Guy is the host, doesn't matter. He does a good job.

      1. I totally agree. I've been watching some episodes tonight as well, and I continue to see lots of things that I want to try. So many of these chefs/small business owners are creating different, fresh, start-from-scratch dishes. From fancy to simple, it's great to see the handiwork and dedication to their dishes. I travel often on business, so I am always trying to pay attention to the locations of these places. I've hit just a couple here and there, but would sure love to visit more.

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          Can you elaborate on those that you have visited. I have hit a few in my local area and did not find them all that great here in Indiana. There have been a few that I have visited while traveling and they were better.

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            At the moment, I recall:

            A pit beef place in Baltimore. Just a sandwich place, but I recall a very good sandwich.

            A fried chicken place in Memphis. The chicken was very good, I don't remember what else I had.

            A seaside place in - I think - Rhode Island. Four of us, lobster rolls, some other seafood, all very good.

            Louie Mueller's, Tyler, TX. Second-best restaurant barbecue I've ever had, and I've had a lot.

            My favorite, Tortuga's Lie in Nags Head. I love that place, and unlike the first two I mentioned, I think they have a large variety of good, well-made food. Not just a destination for one thing (like the beef or the chicken).

            It seems to me I am missing a couple, but I sure can't think of where right now.
            I don't think I've been to any in Indiana.

        2. Great show and recipes. Love Guy.

          1. while I find him abrasive, I will grudgingly allow I have eaten at a few places that turned up later on his show and I am glad they're getting recognition for what they're doing (the restaurants) because they do deserve it.