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Apr 10, 2003 12:31 AM

Lunch in the McGill/Downtown Area

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Well I'm off to Montreal next week to visit McGill University. Sadly, we'll only be there for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday until 2 PM or so. Still I want to make the most of our time and discover, if only a taste, the best food in Montreal.

I've made dinner reservations at Au Pied de Cochon, but I need two good (and relatively cheap) places for lunch that are within walking distance of the university. Schwartz's looks good and somewhat close, but does anyone have any other ideas?


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  1. I can't really recommend anything relatively inexpensive, but if you are paying with US dollars, I'd say that the best lunches downtown are at Rosalie (on de la Montagne below St. Catherine) and Fereirra (Peel below de Maisonneuve).

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      If you consider Schwartz walking distance (personally, I would cab it from McGill), then make sure to check out Cafe Milies on St-Laurent Street right above Sherbrooke. If you want a closer walk and cheaper eats, go to Boustan, a minuscule shawarma and shishtaouk "fast food" on the corner of Maisonneuve and Crescent. If you are adventurous, make sure to order a "poutine" at La Belle Province...something only a true Quebecer could love (myself included).

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        Schwartz's is pretty far to walk, as was said a cab might be a thought and be prepared to wait at lunch time. Near Schwartz's is Reservoir where you can get a good lunch if you want to go that far both days. If price isn't an issue, as was already suggested don't think twice and go to Rosalie.

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          And if you do go to Schwartz, don't forget to leave some room in your tummy for some Portuguese rotisserie chicken at Coco-Rico across the street.

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            Yup, I was actually there last night! they're gonna start making leitao (roast suckling pig) when weather gets warmer. They're an offshoot of Jano, the famous portuguese grill down the block. Lots of good food in that nabe


    2. Ok for some real inexpensive food, as opposed to "US Dollar" inexpensive food, go to the food court at faubourg. The thai restaurant in there Bangkok is pretty good and only about 7-8 bucks for a good sized portion. There are other asian noodle shops further west of the faubourg on st-catherine that are also pretty cheap. The classic and original being Soupe et Nouilles. It's walkable from McGill. Going in another direction you can go to Cafe Santropol which is a funky sandwhich shop. Ok those are bonafide student eateries. Student lunch at Rosalie's?! you can't be's 16 bucks for a hamburger!