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Mar 28, 2014 06:18 PM

What's good in San Rafael?

I always eat at Sol but I'm looking for some other suggestions... My wife and I are meeting friends there on Sunday and then we'll most likely visit the FLW Marin Center and hang out at China Camp Park. I'd love to get some alternate food options; nothing fancy or too pricey please. Similar range as Sol, I guess. Bonus points for anything that isn't easily available/done well in SF proper. Anything goes.


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  1. We could use an update on Best Lil Pork House.

    1. Las Camellias across from Sol Food is always consistent. Not too many places I could recommend in the area. I like Kababbq on East Francisco. Lotus for Indian or Napoli for pizza. Maybe Royal Thai too

      1. If it's lunch you're looking for and don't mind a bit of a drive west, M.H. Bread and Butter in San Anselmo has exceptional food as well as equally-good bakery goods.


        1. San Rafael:

          For pupusas, I like El Tazumal in the old Citrus & Spice space on 4th St., and have been several times since they opened.

          We also had a good (and enormous) lunch at El Chevere, which now serves Cuban food in the space once occupied by Om (near E St., next to Bordenave's bread). We tried a griddled sandwich and an order of pork with yucca. The black beans and rice were very good too.

          Mauna Loa Hawaiian around the corner from Sol Food serves reliably good plate lunches. Recommended: Kailua pork on cabbage, BBQ chicken, wonton soup. I don't like cole slaw or macaroni salad, so I get steamed broccoli as my side. Bonus: shave ice machine and very friendly service.

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            Thanks for the reminder about El Tazumal and El Chevere. Here are a few photos of those places.


          2. Often overlooked and forgotten, I've had several decent Italian meals at Il Davide, on "A" Street, just off 4th. Also, Saigon Village on "B" Street has some decent pho, though not at the level of the best in SF. I agree about MHBB though - very nice baked goods and brunch offerings.