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Mar 28, 2014 06:03 PM

Boca area Steakhouses: Chops/Cut432/Abe & Louie's/New York Prime?

If you had to rate them- which would you choose for overall experience? Food is the most important. I'm a Palm kinda girl (NY) actually over the delicious Peter Luger's- 'cause I love prime rib and my husband loves filet. I did not care for Capital Grille at all (although many people love it, I know)
Thank you in advance!
Cut 432
Abe and Louie's
New York Prime

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  1. We love Abe & Louie's. Food at NY Prime is very good, but the restaurant is excruciatingly noisy...more than any place we have ever been. Were disappointed with Chops and we've never been to Cut 432.

    1. I have not been to Cut 432, so I cannot rate it. Of the three that are left, I think NY Prime is the best. Abe and Louis does not dry age their beef. Chops while very good is just a step below Prime. Nothing down here is as good as Palm or Peter Luger.

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        Thanks for the input- made a reservation at NY Prime for mid April. Will report back.

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          I like Meat Market (SoBe) very much.....(opening up in Palm Beach this summer)....have not been yet, but I hear Wolfgang's (downtown )is as good as the NYC locations....sounds like I should skip steakhouses in Broward and Palm--until Meat Market opens

          1. re: El Chevere

            Wolfgang's is close to Peter Luger as we are likely to find down here!

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              when I am in Manhattan and do not feel like schlepping to Brooklyn, Wolfgang's is the place--as good as Luger in my opinion (porterhouse, of course)....have you been to Meat Market?--love their wagyu skirt steak and truffle mash potatoes.

        2. Cut is nothing special. NY Prime is way way way way too noisy, I can't stand the place and parking is valet only. Chops is the best by far but in my opinion, Ruth's Chris is pretty damn good.
          Abe and Louis is terrific and Capital Grille is not bad.

          1. Yes NY Prime is noisy, but their food is good. Lively bar scene. Been to Chops only once but enjoyed it. If your husband likes filet, they have a bone-in filet. Not a fan of Abe & Louie's.

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              We went to both Cut 432 and NY Prime, both VERY loud, so ask for "quieter" tables, they each have area's that are better acoustically. Cut 432 was delicious. They serve biscuits as bread. They were flaky and warm. Had shrimp cocktail, it was awesome. Worth the $7/shrimp. Lamb chops ordered came 6 to the rack and came with a fab. potato/cheese gratin. Cream spinach, asparagus, tater tots- were all very good. Friends shared steak for 2. It was perfectly beefy. Very enjoyable. Cocktails were perfect.
              NY Prime- Cocktails were large but filled with too much ice. Reasonably priced, but I guess that was good since 2 Gin and tonics didn't even give me a hint of a buzz (unusual). Steak ordered was ribeye on the bone, served med. rare (hot). Well charred, perfectly cooked. Delicious. Husbands filet was fantastic. Bacon app was fantastic, especially the steak sauce that came with it. The shrimp cocktail was very good, but didn't hold a candle to Cut 432. Apples and oranges. I didn't like the breading on the onion rings, but rest of party did. If I didn't feel so full from dinner the night before, I'd have gotten the onion straws and the baked shrimp. The table next to us had those dishes and I was hankering to try some. Creamed spinach was equally as good as Cut 432. Hash browns were well done, buttery and really good. Cheese cake was from the Carnegie Deli in NY and was dense and addicting, better than the same dessert at Cut 432. People were dancing in the bar area. If you are not seated in the room off the bar, I'm not so sure how you will be able to hear your party-- it is THAT noisy. BUT.... it was delicious and I would definitely recommend going. I've been to Abe & Louie's and it is good too- but to me, a step down from NY Prime, albeit, still worthy. I've eaten prime rib there, and the other restaurants mentioned here do not serve that dish. It's definitely a quieter (but still lively) experience.

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                We warned you that NY Prime is noisy!

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                  I was actually fine with it, but it might not good for people who can't take noise.

            2. You may want to also look into Red the Steakhouse in Boca.

              I have no experience myself, but some folks whose opinions I respect do like it.


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                    Technically, Prime in Delray has not closed...

                    They are in a new building, they've "merged" with the club that they own, Il Bachio... about 250 feet to the east.

                    But 110 Atlantic, the previous spot, is indeed now vacant (soon to be Rocco's Tacos Delray according to word on the street).

                  2. re: flwave

                    Red's has closed, so it's definitely not the best!