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Mar 28, 2014 05:51 PM

kitchen OWIES!?!

After 1-2 experiences, KNOW to LEAVE a pot holder over lid of casserole dish. That split second between KNOWING your fingers are getting bruent and being able to put down that lid go on FOREVER!! Can't even imagine the PAIN people go thru with serious burns, cuz a lid burn HURTS!!

Sliced into my thumb last SUnday. Was a nice sharp knife so there was a delay between actuall cutting and realizing I had hurt myself?? Nothing spurting, but decent amount of BLEED... as my niece called it as a kid. Have been "doctoring" it myself as a MAJOR "paper cut" since then. Right index finger on a right-handed person... cut just waiting to be re-opened.

How have you injured yourself in the kitchen??

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  1. My old CH friend jfood gave me and others the advice to immediately put a hot pad over the handle of a CI skillet that just came out of the oven. We ALWAYS do that. Minor accidents with the mandoline that were caused by user error. Pay attention!

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      I miss jfood . . . and especially, his enthusiasm for salmon pie (near and dear to my roots). I will make salmon pie tomorrow, in honor of jfood. Thanks for the reminder, c oliver!

      1. re: MrsPatmore

        I must've missed something... What happened to jfood? I always loved his posts.

        1. re: FattyDumplin

          you and me both, dumplin - what's the story on jfood?!

      2. re: c oliver

        This is very good advice. I can't tell you how many times I've done the following:

        Warned everyone to stand back as I bring a screaming hot cast iron pan out of the oven.

        Set it down on the stove and again warn everyone to stand back.

        A moment later, barehanded, grabe the handle!

        1. Yes. ...More often than I'd like to admit.
          I'm getting better at remembering to use pot holders on items previously removed from the oven. I'm also better at remembering where my fingers are when dicing. However, (mostly when making pizza) I'm still not paying enough attention to how close my hands/arms are to the upper heating element of my electric oven.....just a little trouble remembering that - a) even if it's not red hot it will still burn if everything else in the oven is 450+. and b) I have a pizza peel.

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          1. re: Bryan Pepperseed

            Ok - That's pretty funny, Bryan, although pain is such a rush that you WILL remember a) and b) !

            I've moved the first aid kit from the bathroom to the kitchen at my house. I've cut, burned, sliced, diced, broke a freakin' toe!!! pulling the frozen vodka out of the freezer.

            Funny - I work construction and wear a hard hat, safety vest and steel toed boots, at work, but I've hurt myself WAY more in my own kitchen.

            1. re: JerryMe

              Done the same with my first aid kit. :-)

          2. i burn myself on a regular basis. spattering oil is a given and even though my fingers are mostly made of asbestos sometimes a certain thing is just that much too much. lol.

            and yes, more than once i had that special mark from a cast-iron handle.

            1. For years, I had matching burns/scars on the top of my hands, just below the lowest thumb joint, from touching the oven rack while handling foods cooking on the middle rack. No sooner would a scar fade than I'd get another burn on one hand or the other. The unused rack was in the topmost slot. It took multiple burns for it to occur to me to move the unused rack to the LOWEST slot.

              Avalanches from the overfull freezer, onto my ingrown toenail, were frequent until I put wire mesh baskets (from office supply stores) side-by-side in the freezer. 4" deep, they restrained the lower bags and packages, which is enough to keep the whole pile more stable. I designated one for frozen produce, one for meats, and another for odds&ends meant for stockmaking. It has decreased the frequency of *losing* stuff in there until it's unidentifiable or too freezer-burned to use.

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              1. re: greygarious

                Oh boy. I am as I type looking at a scar at the base of my right thumb from that touching the upper oven rack thing. Maybe I should think about moving it down. . .

                1. re: cookie monster

                  Unless I'm using multiple racks, the top one is in the middle and the other two below it. If I'm using two racks, I remove the third one entirely.

                2. re: greygarious

                  My maternal grandfather died from an ingrown toenail. They lived out on the farm and did not have running water or electricity. My mother remembered seeing a tornado destroy the barn and kill several cows.

                  Back on topic, last December I sliced into my left index finger with a knife while chopping onions. I sliced into the top of the nail but stopped before going all the way through. I've been waiting for it to grow out without accidently tearing it off.

                  1. re: John E.

                    Ingrown toenails are not to be trifled with. I had them and fortunately, a small procedure saved me from a lifetime of them on one side of both big toes.