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Mar 28, 2014 05:45 PM

Antidote [London]

Has anyone been yet? Mikael Jonsson (Hedone) is involved and is responsible for the food in this new central London restaurant. I read it was opening on a few blogs and today its in the Guardian:

Looks good and far more convenient for visitors than heading for Chiswick.

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  1. I went a couple of weeks ago and had a mostly great meal.

    My favourite dish was the slow-cooked duck egg with peas - such wonderful pea flavours that really made me feel as though summer was round the corner. A scallop cooked in its shell with the tiniest amount of butter had the most amazing texture and a really intense flavour - my friend said it was the best scallop she'd ever had. Perfectly cooked monkfish with chard. There was also a crab and apple dish which I thought was very average.

    The salt marsh lamb was interesting - the meat looked completely raw - there was lots of fat around the meat itself, which showed nothing to suggest it had encountered any cooking technique and TBH I was wary of tucking in, even though I am normally happy with rare meat. However, the texture was good and I enjoyed the flavour; there was also a very fine layer of seared fat on the outside which was lovely. I skipped the rest of the fat though! This was served with a wonderfully punchy anchovy sauce.

    We finished with a wonderful chocolate molleux which was perfectly balanced by a passion fruit sorbet. this was good as the citrus dessert that preceded didn't seem at all balanced to me - it was so sour that my mouth felt as though it had been stripped.

    Service was mixed - thankfully the wonderfully helpful woman who gave us great wine advice balanced out her less than interested colleague who barely made eye contact and didn't serve the one altered dish we requested, to the right person.

    Overall, I'd happily recommend it and would like to go back.

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      Abbey - was the lamb sous vide or was it just raw. Like you I like rare meat, but there is a big difference between rare and raw especially with lamb where the texture changes,

      1. re: PhilD

        I think it must have been sous vide, Phil - the texture of the meat was good and the flavour delicious.

        Sorry, I struggled to write that para, redrafted it at least once but still ended up being unclear!