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Mar 28, 2014 05:13 PM

Pegu Club

I went to Pegu Club last night and wanted to share my experience. First, I hate loud places and crowds, so Pegu Club was awesome. Not too loud, nice music. I tried the Pegu Club Cocktail which there is a fantastic blurb about in the expertly written witty menu they provide. The drink was delicious as was the Gin-Gin Mule which is essentially a gin based mojito. My friend tried the Pisco Picante (Is not on the menu) amazing to say the least.

Had crispy squid from the small plates menu and the spicy tomato aoili
accompanying it adds the perfect flavour kick.

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  1. Love Pegu!

    The drink you guys tried is actually a Poquito Piquante, no pisco involved. Fabulous drink, created by Artemio Vazquez, who left and brought the drink to Yerba Buena. Recipe below:

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      Lol yes Poquito Picante, Thank you!

    2. I've had great visits there too- i usually just tell the bartender i love drinks with elderflower and dislike burbon or whiskey and he makes up a lovely concoction.....and i've also enjoyed their version of a moscow mule.
      Somehow those slightly curved not too delicate martini glasses (i'm sure they have a better name...) are perfect, more difficult to spill and good size

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        Libbey champagne coupes, I believe.