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Mar 28, 2014 04:35 PM

21st Birthday on Nantucket Island

I'm taking my daughter and my family to Nantucket for her 21st bday. She hates seafood but really wants delicious,well-made food and a first class Long Island Ice Tea. The rest of us love seafood. We will have people from age 13-48 there. Price is not important but a casual, welcoming environment is. And of course food made the right way is imperative. We are from California but moved to CT 2.5 years ago. We are still getting to know New England...

Thank you for any and all advice!!!

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  1. When are you going? I know some places aren't open right now (I was looking myself.) That may make a difference.
    How many people will you have in your party? Some places are small, but there are many great places to choose from.

    1. Yes, knowing when you are coming will change my answer. If you are coming real soon, then i would recommend Lola 41 (downtown) or Pazzo (center of island). I love Black Eyed Susan's (many CHers love it too) and they are opening soon, but they are BYOB, so no LI Iced Tea. That's quite a starter drink...yikes. And with all the booze in it and the Nantucket mark-up, it will cost you around $15-$18 I bet.

      1. Please tell me, what is a "first class Long Island Iced Tea"? :-)

        I have been to Seasons several times and really love the Charcuterie plate - it's large and almost entirely made in house - very, very good - and, if I recall, I had a great steak dish there too.