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Mar 28, 2014 04:23 PM

Buying good quality duck meat?

Not a frequent buyer of meat, but I'm suddenly craving a nice juicy, Moulard duck breast of this sort:,-Half-Breast/FDUMA006-1,default,pd.html

Is there a local market that sells duck or duck breast of a similar quality/price range? I live in Richmond so I'm much less familiar with the higher-end butcher shops in the Vancouver area.

Also, interestingly the supplier above (top search I found using Google) doesn't ship to Canada, but they source from Quebec. I'm willing to consider the possibility of mail order of flash frozen duck breasts, but being more expensive it would not be a regular thing I'd do.

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  1. have you checked with T&T at Radisson Plaza, as to the source of their duck? Also, I have heard that Honest Butcher on Broadway had good duck. But haven't been myself yet.

    1. i just ordered these from Costco'Artagnan%...
      I'm pretty sure you can buy Dartagnan on their website or try Maple Leaf Farms a Canadian company.