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Mar 28, 2014 03:46 PM

Alternatives to the Lenten fish fry?

We're a few weeks in to Lent and the fam and I are pretty damn sick of fried fish. Anyone have any interesting non-meat (not necessarily vegetarian) suggestions? What's your favorite fish or vegetarian dish in the TC?

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  1. Palak Paneer at Gorka Palace

    1. Mrs. Sisp and I were thinking about the fish fry at the Holy Family Maronite Church in Inver Grove Heights. Yes, it's fish. But it's not all deep-fried and the sides look interesting. Too bad their Web site (weird URL but ) says they're done for the year...

      Baked or Fried Fish
      Loobya: green beans in tomato sauce with seasonings served over a bed of Lebanese Rice
      Fried Cabbage
      Lebanese salad: lettuce/tomato/mint/lemon/garlic
      Flat Bread
      Garlic sauce
      Homemade Cakes/Desserts
      Coffee, Milk and Water

      1. Our Lady of Guadalupe off of Hwy 52 does a cheese enchilada dinner.

        One church out there does waffles, but I can't think of which one that is. But on that note, I'm a big fan of breakfast foods for dinner (pancakes, dutch babies with fruit, quiche, waffles, etc.). Indian and Greek cuisines are also pretty easy to get Lent-compliant cuisine - someplace like Christos for tabbouli, falafel, hummus, spanakopita.

        1. I'm with ibew292, I'd go with palak paneer. My fave version is at Himalayan Restaurant. They have lots of other delicious veggie options.

          1. Go-To Vegetarian Friendly places: Common Roots, Muddy Waters, Modern Times, Wise Acre, Blackbird, Shish, and a zillion SE Asian (Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, to a lesser extent Chinese, recs on request) restaurants.

            Heck, I just had vegetarian ramen at Moto-I last week.