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What goes with olives?

I like olives a lot - as a snack, not in "cooked" food.

Trader Joe's has a great Greek Olive Medley. But as I chow down on these, I can't help the feeling that they're missing some complement. What - besides bread, which I mostly avoid these days - could that complement be?


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  1. I love olives and nuts together, or olives and cheese/charcuterie.

    1. I add them to a daube, and salad Nicoise.

      1. Try those olives with Trader Joe's Marcona almonds...yum!

        1. you ask "what goes with olives?" 'me'


          love love love olives

            1. Roasted red peppers, and dry salty cheese. But bread + olives is awesome, and should not be avoided, according to me.

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                    I don't know about grapes, but oranges are a classic combo with olives.

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                    Yup. Feta

                    Olives, feta & bread - I could live on that.

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                      And you'd probably live quite a while.

                    2. Walnuts.

                      Or walnuts, olives, and a good quality cream cheese stuffed in celery.

                      1. More olives! Olives are so decadent and delicious. They go well with the pickled items you see at a grocery store olive bar - white beans, artichoke hearts, peppers, garlic cloves, onions, mushrooms.

                        1. Artichoke hearts, salty cheese, roasted red peppers, salami, nuts, roasted garlic.

                          1. I buy cans of pitted green olives from Spain, and save the leftover brine to keep rinsed canned beans for salads. The beans keep well in the brine, and take on a lot of the olive flavours.

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                              You just rocked my world.....i LOVE olives- esp those from spain- this has got to be the best idea ever!

                            2. Canned sardines (bone in) in oil. Sharp salty cheese and feta, tart grape or cherry tomatoes,celery sticks,salami,etc.

                              1. Hummus! Roasted meats too.

                                1. Very dry sherry. Pernod.

                                  If you want to improve the medley, drain it, add some chile flakes, herbs (parsley, oregano, basil, or thyme), black pepper, and/or chopped garlic. Finish with EVOO and let marinate.

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                                    Now that sounds like a drink which would really shut the mother-in-law up.

                                    I'll stick to having my olive in a cold gin with a threat of vermouth.

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                                      And after all, it's probably the reason that humanity invented alcoholic drinks the first place

                                  2. I just throw them into salad.

                                    1. Gin !!!!
                                      Seriously, I love olives all on their own. But, a bit of ice cold gin never hurts.

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                                          The lady next to me last night had a martini with 8 olives in it!! Drink and an appetizer in one! (No, they weren't made that way, others just had two per glass)

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                                            That could be me. Tito's Vodka on the rocks with LOTS of olives!!!

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                                              I know TRock as an x martini drinker, loved those things, always expected to pay extra either for the drink or the wait staff who brought it to delighted awaiting hands.....SRock

                                        2. Sturdy lettuce leaf (like romaine), hummus smear, olives. Eat like a taco.

                                          Stick them on your fingers like a five year old.

                                          Great with raw veggies like fennel, cherry tomatoes, celery, jicama....

                                          1. Wonderful suggestions - I'm looking forward to trying every one. Well, the salami and the dry cheese especially. Intrigued by the almonds. And, ok, bread. Don't get me wrong, I love bread. And beans in brine - definitely!? And grapes - never would have thought of that! Gin: an excuse to try to get carded. Mmmm ... mmm.

                                            Thanks, Chow!

                                            1. tomatoes, feta, olive oil, pita

                                              1. cheese -- feta, goat, manchego,

                                                lebneh (drained yogurt, with herbs if desired) with za'atar

                                                olive cream cheese spread on pumpernickel and rare roast beef, griddled till cheese melted

                                                turnip pickles

                                                wrap in puff pasty and bake -- or in herbed biscuit dough (not quite same as "cooked" in your sense, i think.

                                                1. Stir in some orange zest, a little cracked red pepper and some good evoo. Eat em up!

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                                                          I wish you would post that on the WFD thread G. Did you cook it all by yourself? It looks delicious.

                                                      1. I love olives; so I love pretty much all of these ideas. I am using some in a caponata right now. I also love tossing them in with a pan seared pork chop, adding a splash of white wine, and a squeeze of orange juice and some grated orange zest. (I read your post and am sorry to offer a cooked use, but maybe others would like it.) To my way of thinking the perfect beverage accompaniments are a martini or a dry Sherry.

                                                        1. Another olive lover here. All good suggestions! I love olive and oranges together. Especially nice when the olives are heated a bit in olive oil and herbs (oregano, rosemary). Warmed olives with lemon.... in the oil with bread for sopping...mmmmmm....

                                                          1. I love preserved lemon and capers with my olives--and toss that combo with wilted spinach and garlic and you have a salad that is salty, sweet, and just delicious!

                                                            1. Pitted olives, anchovies, and bread
                                                              Olives and ANY glorious cheese
                                                              Pitted olives with bologna (akin to olive loaf)

                                                              1. One of the highlights of a trip to Athens about 20 years ago was a visit to the main market, and I found several small "avenues" of olive merchants. Greek olives, mostly, but a surprising number of types, colours, shapes and cures. It was paradise.

                                                                  1. Tapenade. If not with bread, how 'bout mini croccatini? I'm especially fond of the black pepper or rosemary varieties.

                                                                    Or mini-toasts (the cracker sort).

                                                                    Pepperoni for sure.

                                                                    1. Roasted peppers, a large tub of boquerones and few Aperol spritzes.

                                                                      1. Tapenades on thinly sliced, toasted bread or on certain crackers, are excellent.

                                                                        1. I love to mix whole olives in with cooked quinoa, chopped tomatoes, red onion, tomato and finish with a bit of feta and a drizzle of lemon juice. Keeps in the fridge really well and it's great to take to lunch for work or school.

                                                                          1. Leftover cold steak slices, cucumbers, feta, cherry tomatoes. Hummus and pita if you want lunch. Add olive oil oregano and lemon and you are set. Oh, arugula too

                                                                            1. Olives are great in guacamole or just skewered with a chunk of avocado.

                                                                              They're also delicious jammed into the center of seared marinated tofu cubes.

                                                                              Good tossed with cubes of cold leftover grilled or roasted chicken (or really any meat) and some lemon zest.

                                                                              Love them in Indian raita, too.

                                                                              1. Watermelon, kalamatas, mint.

                                                                                Cold lentil salads with basil, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, and pesto vinegrette dressing.

                                                                                Olives also pair very well with sangria :)