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Mar 31, 2003 11:45 AM

Jean Talon Market

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Has the outdoor market opened for the season? If not, does anyone know when? Any sense of what kinds of produce may be available and "in season" there now if it is open? I'm hoping to pop up to Montreal from upstate NY in the next week or so and that is one of my favorite places to visit in the city. Any markets to rival it?

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  1. You should go to Jean-Talon anyways. It stays open even in the cold weather, they just put winter walls to make it warmer. There are no other interesting markets, unfortunately. Atwater market used to be fun but now it's become really chichi, expensive and boring, in my opinion. Actually, it's good for meat only. Inside the building, there are many butcher shops with interesting things.
    But Jean-Talon is better. And there are a lot more good grocery stores around it with all kinds of different things. Italian goodies, Quebec terroir products, etc.

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      I love the Jean Talon Market. It has great produce, meat shops (last time I was there I bought some fantastic Quebec duck),Italian imports,bread and cheese - fromagerie Hamel is one of the finest cheese shops I've been to. I particularly like being native Quebec cheeses that I have a hard time finding in the states.

      It is good to know that it is open. Thank you. I will make a point of returning there. Any idea what the hours are during the week?

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        According to their official website (

        Monday to Wednesday 8 h - 18 h
        Thursday and Friday 8 h - 21 h
        Saturday 8 h - 18 h
        Friday 8 h - 17 h

        I look forward to visiting the market myself when I go in July.