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Mar 28, 2014 01:13 PM

Highest traffic farmer's markets in and around Montreal?

I'm starting a small artisanal popsicle company this summer and want to make the best choice of where to sell them. I'm wondering where are the highest traffic farmer's markets in and around Montreal (on island or West Island, The Laurentians, Laval, South Shore, Hudson...)?

Also, any tips on events that we can try to participate at would be greatly appreciated (street fairs, festivals...)


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  1. I love the Val David farmers market in the summer. I have discovered many great producers there. I don't remember seeing any Popsicle or ice cream companies there last summer so I think it could be a great match for you. Good luck with your launch-I will look out for you next summer.

    1. Finnegan's Market in Hudson is a great place to start. They are open Saturdays from May to October. I don't remember what the fees were to rent a spot, but I do remember them being quite reasonable. I recall seeing a homemade popsicle stand there in 2012 but never made it out in 2013 so can't be sure if there would be competition. If you called and asked, they would be able to provide you with more details.

      1. Old Tremblant village on Saturdays in the summer in the Caisse Pop parking lot. Lots of good food stands for people to have lunch at, then have your popsicle for dessert! By the way, what is an artisanal popsicle? Aren't popsicles just frozen flavoured water?

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          There is a joke to be made about using Artesian water but I'm too tired to work it through....

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            What I mean by artisan are flavours like roasted strawberries and buttermilk, root beer float, espresso and crema. Things that are a bit out of the ordinary.

          2. What about the farmer's market in Rosemère called "L'Autre Marché de Rosemère"? They also have another market they do in Rosemont "L'Autre Marché Angus". I've never been to either but I'm curious!

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              Rosemère's market might not have enough traffic to sustain your stand. I pick up my CSA share there on saturdays and while certain stands are back week after week, I dont think you could sell enough popsicles to make it worthwhile. St-Eustache's market is a little more busy, alson on saturday AM. There seems to be an uptick in attendance when there is "special" events though (like kids day or something). You could look at events held at Parc Jean-Drapeau during the summer (e.g. Pik-niks électroniques or something like that, festival du monde). There might be a better window there.

            2. Will you be renting a stand or working out of a Truck ?

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                A stand. It's going to be a small venture for the summer. I think that it's still pretty difficult to get a permit for a food truck.

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                  Without a truck you are going to pay big bucks at JTM,Atwater ect. I think you should try Finnegans in Hudson.Val David stops at 1pm so it would be hard to
                  make decent profit.I imagine top selling hours are from