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What food have you lost a taste for?

I never thought it would happen, but for me, it's red meat. I've been cutting back from twice a week, to monthly, to every six months for a few years now, and when I took a bite of my sons burger, I realized "I just don't like this taste/texture anymore." I then tried a piece of my husband steak, and the same thoughts went through my head. Final nail was the cheesesteak . Now Philly cheesesteaks have always held a very important place in my heart, and imagine my horror when I took a bite of one today and thought "no thanks, I'll stick to roast pork, provolone, and greens" I know there's food people can't eat as they get older due to allergy/stomach issues, and I know most people (besides me) grow out of a taste for cotton candy, circus peanuts, and candy corn. But red meat? Oh the horror and shame....so tell me, is there a basic food you used to love, but now don't really like?

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  1. I used to love ice cream and now I find it too rich and sweet. I like ice milk and sorbet but can't do the full fat dense ice cream. The thought of a Hagen daz bar makes me gag!

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      I seem to have the opposite problem, all I want to eat is icecream. Lol

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        I used to eat ice cream about once a year but a couple of weeks ago I got my hip replaced and they had a refrigerator across the hall stocked with single serve Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. Now I'm addicted to Blue Bell mint chocolate chip and the vanilla. Goes great with hydrocodone.

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          Hey, I feel cheated! Just had a[nother] knee replacement, and no ice cream in sight. All I got was crummy pudding cups (which I ate anyway, out of sheer boredom. Or maybe it was the hydrocodone.)

          Hope your rehab is doing well. I'm graduating from a walker to a cane.

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            I don't think it comes in single serve, but when you're able to walk and carry a big carton, check out the new salted caramel Bluebell. It's my dangerous new addiction. Wishes for a good recovery!

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              I've seen this at HEB, really that good? I've got my sights set on regular chocolate chip, usually seasonal but seen at two stores, childhood favorite. I started walking a lot at ten days post op outside the house, shopping cart instead of walker, HEB and the mall works fine. No more walker after 5 weeks.

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                Congrats, James. I've retired both the walker & the cane. Healing is amazing.

                Plus, being able to get around the kitchen & cook again was therapeutic in itself!

      2. Desserts and sweets. I started eating fresh fruits instead of sweets a few years ago and now most sweets are too sweet. I do still eat an occasional pastry or rice pudding and enjoy it though. Like a planned splurge of too sweet stuff.

        1. I lost my sweet tooth, along with a few others, a long time ago, though it never was a serious one (I never did like cotton candy, for one thing). There are things I used to crave deeply, which seldom happens these days, but that's more a matter of 70+ years than of taste. I'm still capable of enjoying a plate of fresh pancakes with butter and maple syrup, and certainly enjoy the smell while I'm cooking them, but I don't go nuts for them as I did 60 years ago. The first "Rube Goldberg"-style contraption I ever drew was a pancake-making machine, in 2nd Grade!

          1. It was interesting to see the other posters mention sweets, because that has been true for me as well.

            As a kid I loved dessert. As I near 50? Not so much.
            If I am going to consume the calories I often chose a second serving of the savory instead.

            1. As much as I like Reeses peanut butter cups, my Halloween leftovers usually sit in a bowl until the next Halloween. No sweet tooth here at all, maybe 2 or 3 during the year.

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                Resses PB cups were the first thing I thought of. They really are too sweet for me now.

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                  Please mail them to me! I like to buy a bag of the minis every now and and again and I'll have one or 2 when I get a sweet tooth, but I got a new boyfriend and now they don't last as long as they used to!!

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                    Which don't last as long, the Reeses or the boyfriends?....:)

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                      Haha!! We'll see. I think by eliminating either one, the other would end up lasting longer!

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                        Lose the boyfriend, keep the Reeses. Or is it leave the gun, keep the cannoli, I get confused.

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                    I used to love the Reese's too. My husband and I are convinced that the recipe kept changing (they are greasier and sweeter than they were when we were kids) until finally we realized they are just crappy now.

                  3. My dentist must have pulled my sweet tooth oh - maybe 30 years ago. Up till then I gave in to the occasional Holiday sweet offering such as the Easter sweet ricotta pie, and baba au rhum. But these days it's only a few dishes of Hagan Daz during the Summer or a Italian Feast Day specific pastry. How low I've fallen. Sad. Savory is more my style now.

                    1. For me it's not one food, but a food style - smoked. I used to love bacon, but not so much any more- though every now and then. I will no longer order any dish that has things like smoked gouda, smoked turkey etc. For some reason, though, smoked trout is still OK. Go fugure!

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                        I feel the same way with smoked foods. I can still do bacon (though I don't do it that often, maybe 3-4 times a year). But I used to love BBQ and smoked meats and cheeses and sometime within the last year or two I completely lost my taste for it and can't tolerate it anymore. Recently tried a local BBQ place and could barely manage more than a few bites (it didn't help that they also smoke their potatoes, which was a large part of what I ordered). Bought a brand of hot dogs I used to buy quite frequently back in the day and they were so smoky the rest of the pack just sat in the fridge until I finally gave up. I can't even stomach the smoked beef sticks from my favorite butcher that I used to love.

                        I haven't tried smoked fish yet, but my next trip up north I'll maybe venture to the smokehaus and give it a try.

                      2. I have been vegetarian for decades now, but years ago i would be tempted by fish and have it a few (3?) times a year or so. At some point the appeal faded and now the idea of eating it and the smell of anything fishy kinda grosses me out....

                        I ate a lifetime supply of bananas by the time i was 12, haven't been able to choke one down since. I'm finally ok with raisins and graham crackers but that's fairly recent- those were also basic food groups as a small kid

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                          Same here with the banana. As a child I loved them but I'd have to be really hungry with nothing else in the house before I'd eat a fresh one now. But I still adore the taste of banana in desserts, or if they're in a banana pudding, Funny thing how our tastes change.

                          1. re: Nayners

                            Same here. Banana cream pie, banana bread, YUM. Eating a banana? Only if I'm hungry and there's nothing else around. I don't hate them, but they just don't appeal to me. Too rich and sweet or something.

                            1. re: Nayners

                              Pretty much the same here. If I buy bananas, they have to be still greenish. If they ripen and smell too much like, well, bananas - I won't touch them except to add to smoothies. The other fruit covers up the flavor.

                              1. re: breadchick

                                Me too! I only buy one or two bananas at a time, still mostly green, because if I buy a bunch of green bananas they will all ripen and then they're dead to me.

                          2. Very similar to a lot of posters. This time of the year, you see chocolate bunnies aplenty. I really can't stomach "sweet" chocolate, though I do like a few squares of very dark (90% if I can get it, but def more than 70%) chocolate now and then with after-dinner coffee, I can't take milk chocolate.

                            I'm also off apples. I used to eat a couple daily, usually Macs or red delicious. Now, I trend toward berries.

                            1. Spaghetti/tomato sauce and garlic. Makes me almost sick to my stomach to smell them. Never thought I'd see *that* day.

                              1. A lot of the processed crap I used to eat as a kid. Blechhh! A lot of fast food, although I still like some. Hmmm.....regular Coke? I used to love regular Coke, but once I made the switch to Diet I can't stand regular.

                                I still have a sweet tooth, unfortunately. I look forward to the day I no longer do, if it ever comes!!

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                                1. re: SaraAshley

                                  I can't deal with diet coke anymore- never did drink regular- i would crave it initially, and have on random occasions and then it started tasting funky and chemically and now i really dislike the taste of it. And at one point i could not function without my afternoon 20oz bottle!

                                  1. re: Ttrockwood

                                    I can function without it, but I definitely crave and love it. Regular soda drinkers just cannot understand that I actually genuinely prefer and love it.

                                2. Milk.

                                  It's like drinking slimy mucus to me these days.

                                    1. re: zackly

                                      Mickey's Big Mouth for me! And American mass-market beer in general, but this is supposed to be about food, isn't it?

                                      It just occurred to me that there's a bunch of good chocolate in a cool corner of the kitchen that has gone almost completely unmolested for months. What does that tell us?

                                      1. re: Will Owen

                                        Will, I can't think of any food that I no longer care to eat, I just eat less. Now, Mickey Big Mouth, yeah and all malt liquor. I guess a quick buzz isn't so important. I'll take it in measured doses of decent wine or a shot of good tequila or two.

                                      1. Roast Chicken...I OD'd on it a while back and can't bear to eat it anymore

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                                        1. re: meatnveg

                                          I believe you, but I cannot imagine getting sick of a roasted chicken. How much did you eat?

                                          1. re: Nayners

                                            just about everyday for a couple of months straight

                                          2. re: meatnveg

                                            I'm with you. For awhile I was buying a 4-6lb chicken each week to roast. It required eating chicken every day to finish it up. And I would feel guilty throwing the carcass away so stock was made, portioned and stuffed in freezer. Now I'm sick of eating chicken.

                                            1. re: viperlush

                                              Just yesterday, Mr. P. looked like he was checking his chest for some ailment. I asked why, he said "I think I'm beginning to grow feathers."

                                              We've been eating too much chicken, methinks.

                                          3. I cook meat, and I enjoy a roast chicken and a grilled pork chop, but I find beef to be tasteless. I cook it for Mr. Sueatmo, and I occasionally try something new, but honestly beef has almost no taste for me anymore. I sort of like a low carb burger. The lettuce that surrounds it makes it taste better to me.

                                            I've never been fond of super sweet stuff, but I am less fond than before. I do battle a desire for sweets though. I wish I was much less fond of them than I used to be.

                                            And I don't really like deli meat. It just tastes too salty and plastic to me. Even the better quality stuff. It isn't my cup of tea.

                                            1. Ice cream. I used to down a pint of Ben and Jerry's solo no problem, but now I could care less.

                                              Also, peanuts/tree nuts. I gave them up when my daughter had an allergic reaction (was still nursing a bit at that time), and aside from on my pad Thai takeout, I just don't miss them.

                                              And broccoli, used to love the stuff, but after being nauseated by it while pregnant, I don't want that stuff at all. Which is a bummer!

                                              1. Like many others, I no longer care for sweets. Red meat gets chosen last for me as well. I don't care for cow milk and I most fruit is too sweet to me.

                                                It seems funny that there are so many similarities?

                                                1. Having had to virtually eliminate white carbs (rice, pasta, bread and potatoes) after being diagnosed with type 2diabetes, I find that I no longer crave them like I used to. However, my love for circus peanuts lives on. I don't buy them and am no longer in touch with the only person who shared my love for them, so I guess I am safe.

                                                  1. I've lost my taste for typical fast food in general, although there are those days where you just need some French fries and I will never lose my taste for Taco Bell bean burritos with hot sauce. I'll order soup, salad, baked potatoes, or chili at the rare fast food visit.

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                                                    1. re: Tara57

                                                      I'd forgotten that I don't care for typical fast food nearly the way I tolerated it in years past. I do crave french fries sometimes. But I rarely crave a hamburger. And I don't want a fast food pizza, either.

                                                    2. Gum. I used to chain-chew and then finally went cold turkey. Can't go there any more!

                                                      I also find that some of the "junkier" foods aren't worth the splurge to me any more. (Then again, some DEFINITELY still are!)

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                                                      1. re: jbsiegel

                                                        Me too! I was hooked and I have no idea when I stopped but I guess I did and now can't stand it.

                                                        1. re: jbsiegel

                                                          I used to go thru a half pack of gum a day, but then had delicate temp dental work and had to go cold turkey- probably 7yrs ago now? Never did start chewing it again.

                                                        2. Sodas (any type, regular or diet) and fruit juices. I switched to just drinking water a few years ago and doubt I'll ever go back. I'm much happier without the empty calories anyway.

                                                          1. I lost and then found my sweet tooth. It disappeared in my twenties. Many years later I discovered aerobic exercise, cycling, and it returned in a big way. I remember making myself dinner after cycling home from work. I was satisfied for about an hour before becoming ravenously hungry and devouring a pint of ice cream.

                                                            I think cutting back on alcohol consumption also contributed. Lots of sugar in that stuff.

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                                                              Hubby and I cut out alcohol last fall and now we want sugar more than before. Frustrating.

                                                            2. I used to love fried smelts, anchovies, any salty fish... Then I sadly ate a bad one, got very sick, and never could stomach them again. Had hoped after enough time passed my taste for them would come back, but it never did. I can't eat them anymore, at all, and I used to love them :(

                                                              1. Sardines. I used to love to mash them up, add a little mustard, and scoop it out of the bowl with a Ritz cracker. Tried it a few months ago, and it was over for me.

                                                                1. Dried soybeans. I still like 'em, and it's probably only temporary, but I bought a giant container to reach for - instead of tortilla chips - and now the search is for other foods I can eat with them. Any suggestions? Save for tortilla chips.

                                                                  1. Tequila and salty foods...
                                                                    I had some Patron that someone brought back on a trip (I guess duty free) they poured me a shot, took one sip and almost puked...
                                                                    Salt never bothered me in the past, but now if it is too salty, even pizza, I just pass on it.

                                                                    1. Beer, bread, soda pop, pizza. I know--scary. Who'd a thought?

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                                                                        1. re: C70

                                                                          Yes, beer. Scotch and soda is my new best friend.

                                                                        1. Tunafish casserole. Loved it as a child. Made it once as an adult. Never again.

                                                                          1. I've lost the taste for tacos, enchiladas, burritos, refried beans--pretty much Mexican food--perhaps, in its SW US form. It's been out of sight and out of mind for me for around 20 years, and now on visits to the US I don't even really want it although I could it eat it per se. Just don't ever crave it.
                                                                            I don't miss bacon and hamburgers either, though I never really craved them ever.

                                                                            1. Asian-American. So much crap out there. From crappy rancid sushi to old school suburban Chinese take-out to Thai and Asian Confusion joints. The blandness and off flavours have done me in. Adding copious amounts of rooster sauce only masks the bland and rancid food. And red pepper spice is used for that purpose in the first place....

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                                                                              1. re: Gastronomos

                                                                                Ditto. Fortunately, there is a plethora of more-or-less authentic (AFAIK) Chinese restaurants in the DC area. As far as I'm concerned, that's enough reason to live here.

                                                                              2. I used to love traditional American breakfasts like eggs (fried or scrambled), home fries, bacon and toast or pancakes and sausage or french toast. Now I prefer a good crusty roll or toasted homemade bread, with some strong cheese, maybe some ham or Canadian bacon and a hard boiled egg plus some fresh fruit or grilled tomatoes or mushrooms. Another favorite breakfast is yogurt, granola and fruit or oatmeal.

                                                                                We occasionally eat the traditional breakfast items for dinner but almost never for breakfast.

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                                                                                1. re: Springhaze2

                                                                                  Interesting, come to think of it, I lost my taste for hard boiled eggs, but still eat egg salad....go figure?

                                                                                  1. re: Springhaze2

                                                                                    Yes, I agree those traditional American breakfasts can be tasty--but, much better for dinner. I'd dare say they are diner food really.

                                                                                  2. Cheese, sadly. I still eat it but in much lesser quantities than in years past.

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                                                                                    1. re: tcamp

                                                                                      The past year, I was quite obsessed with cheese but recently every time I have it it doesn't really do it for me anymore. I guess it's a good way to cut out a big chunk of change from my grocery bill.

                                                                                      1. re: tcamp

                                                                                        I had to cut out dairy and gluten about 6 months ago for medical reasons (not allergies but something more ambiguous) - and while the idea of not eating cheese pains me, it's not really an item I "cheat" on. While there are other items I'm far more prone to cheat with.

                                                                                        If a basket of freshly baked steaming bread is brought to a restaurant table, I'm not always able to say "just one bite". But with cheese, it's not been a problem. Not what I would have guessed at all.

                                                                                      2. Over the last 5 years, I have quit buying fresh fruit. And not seeking out the stuff in season. Something about cost versus reward.

                                                                                        This includes the Caribbean imports that rarely make it up north. Even the free stuff off the tree is not that tempting.

                                                                                        1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

                                                                                          I can no longer eat them -- they are just too sweet for me.
                                                                                          However, I see expensive high-end knock-offs with dark chocolate and they are invariably delicious.

                                                                                          1. My 21 year old son lost his taste for "peeps" this year. He ate one and said it made him feel ill because it was so sweet. I think we were both sad to see him leave that part of his childhood behind.

                                                                                            1. National chain fast food. I know there was a time in my life when I regularly ate McDonalds and Taco Bell, but it's almost hard to believe now.