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Why can't I find halloumi cheese anywhere?

I've been to 3 Whole Foods (Bedford, Woburn/Winchester, Arlington), Stop and Shop (the crappy one in Lexington), and Market Basket (Burlington), all places where I've bought it many times before. The cheese counter guy at one of the WFs told me there was some sort of milk recall, but they had other cheeses from Cyprus.

Anyone have any insight or, better yet, a place that has halloumi?

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  1. Arax in Watertown always has it.

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      And Sevan, next door.

      599 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472
      (617) 924-3243

      no affiliation, blah blah...

      1. I usually see it at Roche Bros in Quincy so I imagine the other locations must carry it as well.

        1. Sophia's Greek Pantry has it in the large wall fridges.

          1. Bought some at Russo's last week.

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              Russo's had some today. I think it was Cypress brand. Goat, sheep and cow milk.

            2. I saw some at Whole Foods in Lynnfield last week.

              1. i see it at harry's on blackstone st. all the time.

                1. I'm pretty sure I saw it Friday at Massis Market in Watertown, but maybe I hallucinated it?

                  1. I'm a huge fan of halloumi and can find it once in a great while at Star Market in Porter Square, but recently I've been buying queso de freir instead. The texture is very similar, the taste is very good if not quite the same as halloumi, and the price is lower. I can always find it at Market Basket.

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                      That's a great tip, thanks! Much easier to find. Many Stop & Shops carry the Tropical brand, including South Bay. Never knew how to use it. Will definitely try this with my next Ottolenghi recipe that calls for halloumi, which includes a lot of them.


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                        Do you know if you can fry or grill queso de freir without it melting? And does it have that awesome tooth squeak when you eat it?

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                          It browns nicely and softens only slightly, hence the name "frying cheese".


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                            Yeah, it keeps its shape like halloumi, and it has a bit of tooth squeak. I like frying it up in bite-sized pieces and drizzling some honey over it!

                        2. Thanks for the great recs. I went to Arax and Sevan, bought a ton of halloumi, as well as a bunch of other yummy stuff (Turkish delight, bread, pastries, lahmacun, etc.) I did not need, so now I hate you.

                          The good news is that they're just far enough to not become a habit.