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Mar 28, 2014 11:19 AM

Antwerp this summer

I will be in Antwerp all summer for business. I suspect I'll eat out fairly often. I'm looking for:
1) Solid restaraunts for everyday fare.
2) A good pub in which to watch World Cup matches.
3) A handful of nicer places in Antwerp or even Brussels for a splurge or when friends come to town; if forced to choose, I prefer adventurous food and interesting flavors over posh decor.

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  1. Hi Ed,

    Antwerp will not disappoint you, there is a wide choice and recently the offer in the middle price bracket expanded considerably. A lot will depend on your means of transport though.

    Restaurants you must try are

    Ardent ( my current favorite)
    La Veranda (hard to book, keep trying)
    Mojo Visbistrot
    Lam en Yin (very hard to book)
    HK New City Palace
    Yamayu santatsu

    Wonderful for a quick lunch

    Strand van Oostende
    Opera cafe

    For splurge and special occasions go to Nuance (in nearby city of Duffel)


    Kelly's - irish pub near central station with many screens, many tourists, a few good beers and noise

    Old Trafford (yes, that is the name) - a bar near the former national bank building - just two screens, more insiders of the game, everybody knows the offside rule and no loud comments permitted, no noise, the very unpleasant owner can and must be ignored

    If Belgium gets past the group stage, public viewing areas are bound to mushroom.


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    1. re: hblnk

      Thanks for the recommendations! I'm looking forward to trying them all.

      Not being a ManUer, I've had little interest in going to Old Trafford. A pub with that name, however, is another matter. I trust a restrained cheer is permitted if England score.